38 Zeros Cloud Logger

38 Zeros, a new company that helps businesses connect to the Internet of Things, today introduced its first product, 38 Zeros CloudLogger™, a cellular-based, cloud data-logging solution that lowers deployment costs while improving data quality. 38 Zeros eliminates technical barriers and lowers the cost of connecting devices to the Internet by up to 80 percent.

38 Zeros is developing cloud data-logging solutions for various industries, including energy and facilities management, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, scientific research and education. With its first version of CloudLogger, 38 Zeros is enabling a wide range of business-to-business (B2B) energy services through energy services companies (ESCOs), demand response programs, energy engineering, demand-side management, asset monitoring and others where the high costs of measurement and verification (M&V) equipment has limited breadth and scale of energy efficiency initiatives.

“The Internet of Things is still in its infancy. We started 38 Zeros to help businesses simplify the management of critical information from cloud-connected devices,” said Zac Wheeler, founder and chief executive officer, 38 Zeros. “We believe fundamentally that measurement and verification equipment should become ubiquitous to any facility. 38 Zeros is delivering a new technology that makes this inflection point in the industry a reality.”

38 Zeros’ First Market: B2B Energy Services

Delivering savings and value to energy management customers relies on effective M&V. However, traditional M&V solutions are expensive, complicated to install and configure, and unreliable for data delivery.

“CloudLogger provides a competitive edge that helps us enter new markets and grow our business,” said David Ross, principal partner, Amortized Energy. “For every dollar we save on M&V infrastructure we have one more dollar to spend on generating real energy efficiency. By using a 38 Zeros’ cloud-connected approach we simply have more viable projects that are cost effective.”

38 Zeros CloudLogger Cuts the Cost of M&V Deployments Up To 80 percent

38 Zeros CloudLogger™ is an integrated hardware, software, cellular-based cloud data transmission solution that dramatically lowers the cost of M&V, while significantly improving the quality of data.

38 Zeros lowers the cost of M&V and enables small- and mid-sized energy management customers to invest more resources in new markets and real energy savings. 38 Zeros can lower the cost of M&V by as much as 80 percent compared to traditional deployments.

38 Zeros CloudLogger Product Features

Hardware + Software+ Cellular Delivery Meet the Cloud.

38 Zeros CloudLogger integrates data acquisition hardware with data logging software and a cellular transmitter. This is the first time a fully integrated hardware and services solution has been available on the market.

Simplified Installation.

38 Zeros CloudLogger can be installed more quickly than conventional data logging solutions. CloudLogger is a single device that replaces multiple pieces of hardware that businesses use to log data and does not require involvement from customers’ IT departments or cellular carriers. Sensors and other monitoring equipment can be easily connected to the CloudLogger’s MODBUS and Ethernet connectors and three pulse inputs.

Greater Data Accuracy and Availability.

38 Zeros PacketCheck™ technology ensures that all logged data arrives safely and accurately to the cloud without gaps and spikes. This proprietary two-way closed-loop packet delivery and acknowledgement system continuously checks data for accuracy making a complete data set always available. CloudLogger data can be accessed from anywhere without rolling trucks. It eliminates the need for expensive service calls to manually pick up data.

Customizable Data Formats.

CloudLogger gives customers data in the format their individual businesses require. Data can be collected and delivered in a range of time schedules — from once a day to once a minute. Users can tailor data formats to match individual requirements such as CSV, HTTP, XML, JSON. Data formats are designed to easily integrate with industry-specific dashboards for Building Management Systems, Building Automation Systems and Profit and Loss systems.

Pricing and Availability

38 Zeros CloudLogger is priced at $199 with a one-year data subscription at $15 per month. With a two-year data subscription at $15 per month, 38 Zeros CloudLogger is specially priced at $99.

38 Zeros CloudLogger is available immediately and can be ordered online at http://www.38zeros.com.

About 38 Zeros

38 Zeros is on a mission to eliminate technical barriers and radically lower the cost of connecting devices to the Internet. Our hardware, software and cloud services help businesses simplify the gathering, tracking and analyzing of critical business information from cloud-connected devices.

Our products can be used across the full range of the B2B Internet of Things and work in industries, including energy facilities management, health care, manufacturing, commercial, scientific research and education. 38 Zeros is privately funded and based in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit 38zeros.com.

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