iot devices

Whether a fan of cold weather or not, winter is soon approaching meaning that the holiday season is just around the corner. Obviously, everyone has probably wondered what devices they are going to get for Christmas, but have you considered what you’re going to get your family and loved ones? If you’re unsure, why not gift one of the most popular new trends in the world of technology: Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

For those new to this developing technology, IoT devices are outfitted with electronic circuits that allow devices to communicate with each other through a network controlled by a automated hub. As IoT devices continue to make their way into our homes and these devices are making daily life easier, they’re also providing families and home-owners with the opportunity to be more energy efficient. Most importantly, though, this technology will provide your loved one with supreme control over their home and environment, so much so that they’ll think they are living in a smart home straight out of a sci-fi movie!

If you’re interested in gifting your family and loved ones with an IoT device, here are our top four picks to help you get started:

  • Google Home: The latest addition to the rapidly growing trend of smart speakers comes from Google. The ‘Google Home’ is equipped with Wi-fi on board, high definition speakers that produce great quality music and sound sensitive mic. This awe-inspiring package is primarily a voice-activated control center for your smart home that has many enhanced underlying features. Home automation, entertainment, and interaction is an absolute pleasure with this smart speaker thanks to its seamless integration with popular Google services. The biggest advantage that Google Home has over the competition is its use of two of the most technologically advanced tools that are owned and supported by Google, the search engine and Google Assistant. Besides controlling your smart home and listening to music, you can also check facts, set alarm and make schedules all by just talking to the Google Home.
  • Smarter Coffee: Imagine waking up to your coffee maker’s alarm or notification, just after it has finished brewing some fresh coffee for you. That is exactly what a smart coffee maker can do. Smart coffee makers are one of the most practical IoT devices to have come out in recent times and make the ideal gift for a coffee lover. Smart coffee machines come equipped with wi-fi, Bluetooth and features like customizable notification systems. Now you can receive notifications on your smartphone when the machine is running low on coffee powder when your coffee is brewing, when it is ready and even when you enter your home after a long day’s work. No more waiting at cafes or at home waiting for your coffee to brew. Smart coffee machines will have the perfect cup of coffee ready at the exact moment you are home.
  • Awair: Small and portable by design, Awair is a device that is loaded with sensors that monitor the quality of air in a particular room. In real time, Awair can measure the temperature of the air, relative humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, dust and chemical concentrations in the environment where it is placed for up to a thousand square feet. These features may not seem like much at first but the vitality of the information and the accuracy with which the Awair delivers the information is just too good to be ignored. The Awair is easy to use and is resourceful at the same time and only takes up the same amount of place as a conventional digital clock. All you have to do is, tap on its frame to cycle through all its functionalities. All the data collected by this smart air analysis device will be sent to your smartphone through the supporting app. This will largely help you identify and control allergies, analyze sleep cycles and give valuable information about your health.
  • Z-Wave Smart Thermostats: A Z-Wave smart thermostat is designed to give you greater control over its heating and cooling cycles with its Wi-fi integration and onboard sensors. Loaded with learning algorithms, motion sensors, and smartphone interfacing, smart thermostats can adapt to your lifestyle and schedules and regulate the temperature according to your presence in your home. This means that they know when you are at home or not and will regulate the temperature of your home without the need for manual intervention. The most convincing reason to install a smart thermostat in a smart home is its unparalleled ability to save energy because of its smart automation systems. A smart thermostat is a basic necessity for a home in today’s technologically advanced home ecosystem.

You know how you feel when you get a boring gift on your birthday, anniversary, or Christmas? If you don’t want to see that look on your loved ones this Christmas, make a smart choice. Spread the joy of Christmas with an IoT device.