75Fahrenheit, a smart control temperature system that harnesses the Internet of Things to proactively create optimal indoor comfort, has used Kinvey’s enterprise Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) platform to deliver up to 50 percent savings in energy costs.

The 75F system relies on controllers, sensors and data to model the thermal envelope of a building, predict heat loads based on the forecast weather, and pre-emptively rebalance airflow to keep ahead of temperature drifts. Data is continuously collected via wireless zone controllers and sent to a mobile central control unit (CCU) and application. On the backend – the brains of the system – is the Kinvey MBaaS data store, which pushes data from the CCU to 75F’s data center for processing to determine optimal control strategy and then back to the CCU to configure and control the building’s HVAC equipment.

By providing targeted, real-time control over the temperature zones within a building, the MBaaS-powered, closed-loop feedback system allows 75F create the ideal thermal comfort, while cutting energy usage.

“By using Kinvey’s MBaaS, we didn’t have to worry about having in-house expertise in a wide range of areas like database management, custom Web service APIs, user management, offline/online sync, and messaging,” said Deepinder Singh, CEO of 75F. “While all of these are critical for our system as a whole, they are not core to our temperature control application logic. By leveraging Kinvey’s ready-to-use frontend and backend services, as well as an extremely responsive team that resolves issues within hours, we were freed from having to use our resources to build in-house expertise in these areas.”

In addition to providing mobile backend services for its smart sensor data, Kinvey also provides 75F with backend data storage and delivers real-time system performance information via Web-based dashboards. To read the full 75F case study, please visit: http://www.kinvey.com/resources/75F_Case_Study.pdf.

About Kinvey
Kinvey is the leading enterprise Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) platform. The company makes it easy for developers to setup and maintain a store-ready or enterprise cloud backend for their mobile, tablet, and Web apps. The company offers MBaaS platforms and solutions for individual developers, enterprise developers, and agency partners. Pre-built features include location services, social integration (including Facebook Open Graph), push notifications, and custom code. Enterprise features include integration with cloud and on-prem data sources and authentication systems. Kinvey is a Techstars Boston 2011 alum and is based in Boston, MA.

About 75F
75F addresses the temperature imbalances in buildings. Most buildings have rudimentary single thermostat temperature control resulting in wide temperature imbalances. The 75F solution uses a combination of wireless sensors and smart dampers installed in ducts to dynamically redirect the flow of conditioning air from the HVAC to parts of the building that need it based on the thermal load. The system allows per room individual temperature control, while saving up to 40% in energy. Supporting tools such as a Facility Manager Portal that provide insight into the operation of the system and their savings making it a complete BAS (Building Automation System) in a box.