Able Device, a pioneer in Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) application technology, announced the availability of its new white paper, “Standard Mobile Network Based Solutions for IoT Challenges: Unleashing the Power of the SIM for Added Value.” Developed for mobile network operators, the white paper provides a clear roadmap for increasing the MNO’s strength and value in the IoT/M2M ecosystem, utilizing the subscriber identity module (SIM).

“Our new white paper illustrates how mobile network operators can increase their value and strength in the Internet of Things and M2M value chain by unleashing a unique and valuable asset they already own: the SIM,” said Roger Dewey, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Able Device. “We’ve talked with many operators about the value they can derive by making the SIM the ‘master’ rather than the ‘slave’ in the IoT architecture. With this white paper, we clearly and concisely lay out the challenges to successful IoT deployments and provide a roadmap for how operators can address these challenges by utilizing the SIM to host and execute all IoT applications and services.”

White paper contents include:

  • Mobile Networks have the Solution to Internet of Things Challenges
  • A SIM Based Standardized Embedded IoT Device Architecture
  • Tying Value Added Features & Services to the MNO Profile on an eUICC (MFF2)
  • App Security, Delivery, and Updating
  • Creating a Standards Based MNO Internet of Things App Store
  • Mobile Network Connectivity Service Assurance
  • Embedded Roaming & SLA Control
  • Business Value of SIM-Based IoT Apps for MNOs
  • Value of SIM Based Internet of Things Apps Across the Solution Chain

The white paper was developed by Able Device, industry leaders who developed SIMbae, a patented technology designed for mobile network operators, that helps to reduce the cost, complexity and risk of embedded wireless applications for IoT and M2M applications and services.

The white paper is free and available to download: