ABO Data announces the US availability of PLAT.ONE™, the first Enterprise-Grade Internet of Things application platform. Over the past several years, PLAT.ONE has established itself in Europe as the platform of choice for Enterprise-Grade Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Having proven itself in Europe’s leading telecoms and industrial equipment companies, PLAT.ONE will now be available in the US.

The rapid expansion of connected devices and sensors is creating robust demand for truly scalable and secure, multi-tenant, cloud-ready application platforms. PLAT.ONE is a complete, end-to-end software platform that accelerates the development and deployment of mission critical IoT and M2M applications. PLAT.ONE is a distributed software platform with edge agents that run on the end devices, device management and service enablement engines, and ‘big-data ready’ business rules, data management and application enablement platforms.

As part of the US introduction PLAT.ONE is sponsoring the Internet of Things World in Palo Alto on June 17 and 18, and will be featured on the Industrial Internet panel. “We are very pleased to finally bring our Enterprise-Grade platform to the United States, and to do so at this great event,” stated ABO Data CTO Filippo Murroni. “With the number of smart, connected devices forecast to grow to 50B over the next 6 years, the demand for PLAT.ONE’s Enterprise-Grade application platform is growing across all markets and geographies. Enterprise-Grade challenges deserve Enterprise-Grade solutions.”

About ABO Data 

ABO Data has been developing Enterprise-Grade software platforms for 35 years. They developed PLAT.ONE™ in 2008 to meet the demands for large-scale enterprise and mission-critical industrial use. PLAT.ONE’s distributed architecture, integrated development and deployment features, and native security and data-aware operations reduce application development time while providing Enterprise-Grade, non-stop operations. The PLAT.ONE platform combines the key functionality of traditionally separate device management, service enablement and application enablement platforms into one, modern, integrated Enterprise-Grade platform to connect and manage connected industries, products, and sensors. Businesses use the PLAT.ONE platform to deploy innovative connected solutions ranging from smart equipment and transportation to smart cities and manufacturing.