Aeris Communications IoT Solutions

Aeris CEO Marc Jones will take the stage at Mobile World Congress (MWC), spearheading a range of initiatives Aeris is supporting in Barcelona, Spain from March 2-5. Jones is participating in the conference session, “Realizing the Enterprise IoT Opportunity,” scheduled for Tuesday, March 3 at 2pm in hall 4, auditorium 3.

The session will look at the scope of IoT market opportunities, particularly how enterprises from fleet to agriculture can benefit. As part of the panel, Jones will help examine Internet of Things market opportunities, and discuss how enterprises can benefit from these and leveraging IoT as a business advantage. Drawing on his experience leading Aeris, helping customers resolve business and connectivity challenges, and supporting the needs of applications for a wide range of industries, the session will explore how your connectivity provider can make or break IoT initiatives for the enterprise customer. To learn more, please attend the following session:

WHO: CEO Marc Jones, Aeris Communications
WHAT: Realizing the Enterprise IoT Opportunity
WHEN: Tuesday, March 3, 2015, from 2:00 – 3:30pm CET
WHERE: Hall 4, Auditorium 3

Aeris will also be sharing details of the recently announced Jumpstart IoT program, a comprehensive program developed with Tech Mahindra to help operators launch and build a growing and profitable IoT services business. Jumpstart IoT combines the proven machine services delivery technologies, service operations, and technical support expertise of Aeris with the enterprise applications, customization and consulting experience of Tech Mahindra. The program gives operators and enterprises a head start in the burgeoning IoT market, to set their companies up for success in the future.

About Aeris

Aeris is a pioneer and leader in the market of the Internet of Things – as an operator of end-to-end M2M services and as a technology provider enabling other operators to deliver profitable M2M services. Among our customers are the most demanding users of M2M services today, including Hyundai, Acura, Rand McNally, Leica, and Sprint. Through our “Made for Machines” technology and services, we strive to fundamentally improve their businesses – by dramatically reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, reducing time-to-market, and enabling new revenue streams. Visit for more information.