With the unprecedented growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and reliance on a new generation of connected devices pushing organizations to use even more data, businesses need to be prepared for connectivity outages that will impact customer service, sales, brand reputation and compliance. Accelerated announced the availability of its 3rd generation cellular connectivity appliance, the 6300-LX, that helps businesses stay connected.

“The Internet of Things has almost unlimited potential to change the way we interact with our environment. The ability to remotely monitor and manage physical objects can harness the power of data to improve to optimize the performance of systems and processes, save time for people and businesses, and improve quality of life. IoT deployments will gain real traction over the next 1-2 years,” said Andrew Brown, Executive Director from Strategy Analytics. According to Strategy Analytics’ June 2015 survey which polled over 450 businesses globally, 32% or one third said their firms plan to deploy IoT, while 42% of survey participants are still studying the issue and are undecided. In 42% of cases, cellular will be the key bearer technology and Strategy Analytics expects the cellular portion of the IoT market to reach just under 2.1 billion connections globally by 2022.

To succeed in today’s connected economy, network access, anywhere, in real-time, and all the time, is a requirement. Businesses need a reliable and scalable solution that connects distributed devices and networks in a consistent way, regardless of where the devices are located.

The Accelerated 6300-LX provides any business this peace of mind at an affordable price. The 6300-LX is a compact, high-performance, LTE, 4G or 3G enterprise router that is ideally suited for connections to the IoT, as well as primary or backup connectivity for branch office, distributed sites, smart devices and retail locations.

Rick Gretsch, VP of Product Management said: “The new 6300-LX Cellular Extender expands Accelerated’s cellular portfolio by adding the flexibility to use a USB cellular modem. Our customers, whether connecting offices, stores, kiosks, ATMs or digital signage require that their devices are always connected and available.” The 6300-LX can be used as primary or failover cellular connectivity for branch office or retail locations. “This is about peace of mind,” said Rick. “With more devices connected each day, using more and more data, Accelerated provides the technology to ensure that outages will not impact your customer service and sales.”

The 6300-LX offers Accelerated customers an alternative to its popular 6300-CX which includes an embedded cellular module.

Like all Accelerated products the 6300-CX can be centrally managed with a cloud-based cellular management portal, Accelerated View™. There are a variety of configuration settings that can be maintained and distributed from a central management location. This allows an enterprise to rapidly deploy, scale and manage a large number of remote locations in a short amount of time. Accelerated View™ also reports on the status of the remote units and generates alerts based on various criteria, including device check-ins.

The Accelerated 6300-LX cellular extender will be available for shipping by end of the quarter.

About Accelerated™

Accelerated is an innovator in global cellular, cloud and network communications, and offers industry-leading hardware and software solutions that expand primary and backup data connectivity and management capabilities. Since the creation of its flagship product NetBridge in 2006, Accelerated continues to innovate its line of cellular hardware, network management software and virtual private network (VPN) technology. Accelerated offers a range of Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communication technologies including its Dial-to-IP™ Converter and custom OEM solutions, in addition to the newest All-In product, the LTE Cellular Extender Model 6300-CX, a compact, high-performance wireless router/modem. All Accelerated products can be centrally managed using Accelerated View™ cloud-based network management software. Accelerated Concepts, Inc. is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with offices in Chicago, Illinois and Brisbane, Australia. For more information, visit: Accelerated.com