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AccelOps announced that it is gaining momentum in the higher education market by delivering solutions for university IT teams struggling to maintain compliance with PCI, HIPAA, and FERPA regulations and facing the added complexity associated with their network environments being bombarded by Internet of Things (IoT) devices. IoT devices are entering campuses at a breathtaking pace, with everything from security cameras to smart TVs, wearables to coffee pots to medical equipment in teaching hospitals, creating pinholes across the security landscape.

AccelOps has implemented its solution with several major higher education institutions, including campuses affiliated with the University of California and others across the nation.

  • Scalable, multi-tenant virtual appliance brings visibility to campus networks: AccelOps brings together IoT, security, availability and compliance to provide campus networks with a consolidated view of the entire network landscape in local and virtualized environments, or both. Unlike hardware appliance solutions on the market today, the company brings to market a true virtual appliance that provides visibility into agentless IoT devices connecting to the network.
  • Automated governance, risk and compliance: The solution’s patented analytics engine sends real-time alerts when deviations occur that indicate a security or performance-impacting event. It features real-time event correlation with pre-built rules and reports for the most commonly needed compliance standards, including HIPAA, FERPA, PCI and customizable options for state and local government regulations. It also helps organizations align with 17 of the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls.
  • Ease of network management: AccelOps’ virtual appliance scales to be able to process billions of events and petabytes of data, with the ability to easily implement a multi-tenant reporting hierarchy. Campus IT professionals can track all of this through a single-pane-of-glass view for easy monitoring, rapid anomaly detection and overall management of network assets across data centers and cloud resources, spanning security, applications and individual users.

Tom Kelly, AccelOps CEO, said:
“The infiltration of smart devices, while new and more efficient, is beginning to impact campuses and other organizations big and small. By leveraging the weaknesses in these devices, malicious actors are able to gain access to campus networks, and these breaches, on average, are only detected several months after the attack. In addition, there is an increasingly complex web of third-party vendors and suppliers that deliver goods within the confines of campuses. AccelOps is one of the only virtual SIEM solutions on the market to provide complete visibility into virtual and physical environments to rapidly detect malicious activities initiated through IoT devices.”

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