Smart cars

ACCESS a global provider of advanced software technologies to the automotive, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and digital TV markets, announced that its NetFront Browser NX Automotive Profile software solution has been chosen as the browser for the Jaguar Land Rover next generation connected infotainment system InControl Touch Pro, which is deployed across the latest range of Jaguar Land Rover smart cars available on the market.

The ACCESS solutions for Automotive combine best in class support for international and local media standards such as HTML5 and DLNA media sharing, enabling smart cars manufacturers and the supply chain to provide global robust and flexible solutions for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI). The ACCESS solutions can be easily integrated into any IVI platform to allow passengers to use their own devices or fixed in-car systems for infotainment, and enable the car to interact with the connected home while providing auto vendors with the control needed to offer a powerful, flexible and secure in-car experience.

“The choice of the ACCESS browser by Jaguar Land Rover is testament to the base performance and raw speed of our browser technology and the R&D effort we’ve put into supporting the automotive industry’s drive to produce in vehicle entertainment experiences of the very highest quality,” said Kiyo Oishi, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer-Overseas, ACCESS.

NetFront™ Browser NX Automotive Profile v2.0: Built on the WebKit browser engine, this award-winning HTML5 browser features high stability on embedded platforms and has been optimized for the in-car environment. Supporting global media and automotive standards, NetFront Browser NX Automotive Profile v2.0 is an ideal solution for auto manufacturers and supply-chain vendors looking to enable consumer pleasing infotainment services and solutions.

“It’s our ultimate aim to produce software that enables Jaguar Land Rover to provide in vehicle infotainment experiences as good or even better than drivers and passengers enjoy at home,” concluded Oishi.

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