Adeptia Connect
Adeptia Connect

Adeptia, leading integration solution provider has announced the release of Adeptia Connect. The newly developed solution leverages the powerful Hub & Spoke Model for ensuring strong interoperability and synergy between business partners in Hybrid IT networks. The new version offers advanced self service integration features to improve B2B data connectivity between business & IT teams.

In a multi-tenant and differentiated IT environment, organizations face tricky operational problems in bringing data from business partners because of differentiated data models. In such scenarios, onboarding customer data takes months or years of time. Adeptia offers simple yet powerful controls to enable normal business users in onboarding customer and partner data without the need of IT specialists and separate architecture. The intuitive wizard of Adeptia Connect packs simple drag & drop features to set up and deploy workflows.

At the heart of the solution is the unique hub & spoke model which makes computer to computer data interchange, application integration as simple as connecting a plug into the plugboard. It ensures that organizations (Hubs) can get connected with spokes (business partners) in a few simple steps without any complex coding. This provides a secure, smooth, simple and faster means of electronic data interchange across disparate data sources.

“Adeptia Connect has been built specifically to address pervasive b2b integration needs and focuses on transformational technologies. The solution packs best in class connectors to streamline the partner data exchange. It is a heavy duty enterprise class solution that helps businesses in setting partner networks in less than 30 days, accelerating revenue, and reducing operational costs,“ said Deepak Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Adeptia.

Here are some of the major updates in Adeptia Connect:

  1. Hub Spoke Model: to enable B2B integration between hybrid IT networks.
  2. Enhanced Partner Management Features: High-tech customization features for complex business logic.
  3. Secure Access: Prevents external partners from accessing other partner networks.

In a nutshell, Adeptia Connect is a tailor made solution that enables business users to handle high volume, variety, and velocities of data in a complex IT environment. The solution reduces data transformation errors that impact the operational impact.

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About Adeptia:
Adeptia is an leading technology integration solution provider committed to simplify electronic data interchange. Adeptia’s solution set has acquired a credible reputation for reducing operational cost and accelerating data onboarding. Based in Illinois, U.S., Adeptia’s customer base for its integration solution is estimated to be over 550 organizations.