IoT Urinal

Talk about timing…

Today Mashable published something called Advertising’s Next Frontier: The Internet of Everything. Yes, the refrigerator has a pretty LCD screen and can scan for missing groceries, alerting you to pick some up on your way home.  Connected to your home’s WiFi – calls a service in the Cloud – some processes run – you get the alert OR you set the rule for the purchase to take place and be delivered to your front door.

Same thing can apply to, as the article states, dishwashing machines. And then cars, of course. Coffee refills. But I don’t consider it a FRONTIER. I ran across this yesterday – yup, it IS what you think it is. And there is advertising on it. It’s definitely not smart, and more than likely doesn’t track the number of flushes or tell you if it needs cleaning. But it proves how advertising can be efficient on something that can definitely be considered to be part of the Internet-Of-Things!