Aeris announced the launch of AerVoyance, an M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) analytics service to provide customers with significant advantages in managing their connected device programs. Based on insights from analyzing nearly one billion IoT events collected per day on the Aeris network, AerVoyance provides customers with the visibility and insight to better manage devices, troubleshoot problems, and identify potential issues before they arise.

As the IoT market experiences explosive growth, billions of sensors are collecting immense amounts of data. However, managing and troubleshooting these large-scale, geographically distributed deployments presents a big challenge. With AerVoyance, companies gain actionable visibility into their device portfolio, including usage, application, and billing information, through its intuitive graphical interface. AerVoyance also enables advanced analytics features, including anomaly detection and predictive analytics to better manage M2M and IoT deployments.

“As the number of machine-to-machine connected devices grows, and we see the emergence of the Internet of Things, more companies will become increasingly reliant on reliable connectivity” said Matt Hatton, founder and CEO of Machina Research. “Meeting this demand depends, in part, on increasing the visibility of device behaviour and being better able to identify, react to and predict problems. Enabling the device analytics necessary to achieve this is very important, and companies such as Aeris, which offers a full-stack solution, are well positioned to meet this growing need.”

Key features of AerVoyance include:

  • Program Visibility – Obtain an overall view of the IoT deployment, including billing, usage, and device status, on both a historical and real-time basis
  • Diagnostics and Data Analysis – Analyze billing and usage data to carefully manage costs, root cause, and fix issues through an intuitive graphical interface
  • Anomaly Alerts – Set thresholds, identify anomalous behavior, and take immediate steps through alerts or automated action
  • Prediction and Action – Enable proactive issues identification with a learning engine that develops baseline device behavior profiles

“With AerVoyance, Aeris customers have at their fingertips access to a deep and robust analytics suite that delivers enormous value in minutes,” said Gurinder Dhillon, head of applications and analytics at Aeris. “The return on investment is nearly instantaneous and will continue to grow as customers expand their deployments. In the future, AerVoyance will also deliver unparalleled application level and vertical industry-specific analytics.”

Basic AerVoyance functionality will be available at no charge to Aeris customers. Advanced functionality, including predictive capabilities, will be priced on a per-device per-month basis. AerVoyance will be generally available in early Q3.

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