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Aeris announced the Neo™ Affiliate Program to enable Internet of Things ecosystem partners to integrate Neo into their solutions and sales processes. With Neo, customers buy today and connect tomorrow with a cost savings of 50% or more.

Historically, IoT and M2M ecosystem partners have faced a disjointed and complex process when integrating cellular connectivity into their products and solutions. The industry norm for mobile network operators offering M2M connectivity is a lengthy sales cycle, a complex on-boarding process, and an opaque pricing model. With the Neo Affiliate Program, partners can break through this complexity, dramatically simplifying the connectivity buying experience while simultaneously improving profitability through a revenue sharing arrangement.

The Aeris Neo Affiliate Program is ideal for a wide range of companies providing value-added services for the IoT and M2M ecosystem including:

  • Device manufacturers selling cellular-capable IoT and M2M devices.
  • Solution providers offering a complete IoT or M2M solution for a specific vertical market (e.g. fleet, health care, asset tracking).
  • Distributors and resellers who resell a range of IoT and M2M products.

For all of these segments, cellular connectivity is part of the solution, but it is the end customer’s responsibility to find the provider. Through the Neo Affiliate Program, partners can easily integrate Neo into their buying process, in turn delivering significant value to their customers.

Participating partners benefit in two important ways.

First, partners are able to participate financially as their customers grow. For most partners, the economic relationship with the customer begins and ends with the product sale. Through this program, partners receive a portion of the monthly revenue of each customer who signs up for the service. As their customers grow, partners get access to an expanding recurring revenue stream. Based on usage and length of the M2M program, partners can easily double the profitability of a customer.

Second, as part of the program, partners are provided with key information about their customers’ programs. On a monthly basis, Aeris will provide a report indicating key characteristics of their customers’ usage – including amount of data consumed, location, traffic patterns, and other key information. No customer-specific or confidential info will be provided but the data will nonetheless be invaluable in increasing the partners’ understanding of their customer’s business.

“There is explosive growth and interest in M2M and IoT-enabled devices, but being able to provide customers with reliable and affordable connectivity options is a challenge in today’s marketplace,” said Bryan M. Eagle Vice President, Business Development & Communications at MultiTech. “A platform like Neo and this affiliate program allows us to provide quick, reliable and affordable connectivity options to our customers for 1 to thousands of devices with just a click. Plus, we have access to a rich source of data on our customers’ usage patterns to better optimize their overall experience.”

“The demand of connected devices is going to experience exponential growth as more companies are vying to enter the IoT marketplace in 2015,” says Andy Greig, vice president of sales in North America for Aeris. “The Neo Affiliate Program is the perfect opportunity for our channel and reseller partners to add connectivity in a simple way, while developing stronger relationships with their customers through service and support.”

Enroll in the Neo Affiliate Program today at no cost at

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