D-Link®, a global leader in networking and communications products for the home and enterprise, and Afero®, a leading provider of an edge-to-cloud enterprise IoT platform, recently announced an innovative solution to prevent residential water damage and reduce related insurance claims – the D-Link Smart Water Sensor solution with Afero IoT Platform™ built-in. The solution features an easy-to-use D-Link Smart Water Sensor, D-Link Smart Hub and D-Link Smart Plug combined with Afero’s latest IoT Platform and is designed to sense and detect abnormal activity to notify stakeholders via message on IOS or Android devices to help prevent costly water damage.

With water damage related claims being as high as they are for insurers in the U.S., the D-Link and Afero offering directly addresses associated costs by dramatically reducing or preventing water damage in the home. The D-Link Smart Water Sensor with Afero IoT Platform provides insurance companies with an easy to implement and trackable solution to offer customers a way to keep a pulse on potential water risks in a home, receive notifications on potential water leaks and update insurance companies.

“D-Link is delighted to be working with Afero, one of Gartner’s Cool Vendors in the Internet of Things,” stated Jack McGuigan, VP of Sales, D-Link Systems. “The new D-Link and Afero IoT solution helps insurers save money by abating risk, reducing claim costs, lowering customer premiums and increasing customer satisfaction and retention.”

Designed to work seamlessly together, the D-Link Water Sensor with Afero IoT Platform built-in communicates directly with the D-Link Smart Hub, enabling insurance customers to unite devices behind a single hub and a single app to control everything. The D-Link Smart Plug enables customers to create on/off schedules and control remotely. The solution also allows insurance companies to prevent additional claims related to water leakage to turn off any electrical devices plugged to smart plug.

“Afero and D-Link are helping the insurance industry leverage advances in IoT Technology by providing a comprehensive solution with strong pervasive security and a multi-cloud implementation that ensures robustness,” said Joe Britt, CEO of Afero. “Together, Afero and D-Link deliver a comprehensive IoT solution that allows insurers to focus on business outcomes rather than technological complexity.”

The solution is slated for availability during the first half of 2018 and will be shown at D-Link’s booth (24) at the Insurance IoT USA Summit in Chicago, Nov. 30Dec. 1, 2017.