Cariboo connected car innovation

CARIBOO: User-friendly & fun! Driven by the dream of a universal connected car for all!

Cariboo is the ultimate driving companion technology, a universal innovative connected car device designed to empower drivers and leverage all vehicles to a smart connected and collaborative dimension.

  • Location data is shared and enhanced by our big data approach
  • Insightful driving information helps you control your budget
  • Drivers can be identified so you get notified when your car is lost or stolen.

The company will also be launching a crowfounding campaign on Kickstarter in the next weeks.

Cariboo’s pre-sale’s price is 99€!

What sets Cariboo apart from from its competitors:

  • The products are 100% designed and made in France! We master the entire IoT chain.
  • Cariboo is safer! Plugged into your cigarette lighter, it garanties not to damage the electronical system of your car. Hacking and privacy issues are out of the way. Cariboo lets you decide what you want to share with whom.

“When creating Cariboo our ambition was clear : invent the democratic connected vehicle, allowing used and new car owners to take advantage of what digital innovation has to offer. Today’s consumers have grown accustomed to high-quality digital experiences via their mobile devices. We wanted to give them access to its full potential and features in order to leverage their car to a social and economical intelligence and collaborative level. With our an onboard installed device, we had at heart environmental concerns and impact , efficiency and insightful driving and sustainable traffic practices”- Hubert Forgeot, CEO d’Aguila Technologies.”

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