Internet of Things
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The Asia IoT Alliance (AIoTA) was established on April 12 and it is Taiwan’s first non-profit Internet of Things organization to partner with the international Internet of Things organization, Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). The Alliance’s purpose is to assist enterprises in Taiwan and Asia pursue new opportunities in IoT. Dr. Kung Ming-hsin, Vice President Research Fellow at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research and Chung Char-dir, Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan attended the founding ceremony to show their support for AIoTA and expressed their hope that the Alliance would help bolster Taiwan’s economy in the future.

The pursuit of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a global trend and is an important direction for Taiwan’s new government, which hopes to help companies seize the opportunities offered by this developing industry in keeping with its “smart island, digital nation” slogan.

Huang Yen-nun, Executive Director of AIoTA said, “Internet of Things is an unstoppable trend. The purpose behind establishing AIoTA is to promote international IoT technology exchanges and actively build the IoT industry chain in order to create new opportunities. We believe we can help companies to find global business opportunities, activate upstream and downstream industries, and to promote close cooperation between companies and organizations in different fields.”

IIC chairman, Dr. Richard Soley noted, “The core objective of IIC is to standardize Internet of Things . We hope through this cooperation that companies participating in this partnership will improve exchanges and communication to explore opportunities within IoT development.”

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