Arynga Airbiquity

Airbiquity®, a global leader in connected car services, today announced a partnership with Arynga, Inc., a leading software update management technology and service provider, to enable remote software update campaigns for connected car systems and components from the cloud. The ability to plan and execute cloud-based software update campaigns will provide significant financial benefits to automakers in the years ahead as vehicles are increasingly engineered to receive them, in addition to vehicle enhancements for consumers purchasing connected cars.

Automakers are just beginning to realize the significant opportunities for leveraging remote software updates to achieve multi-million dollar cost reductions for software related recalls, achieving faster recall compliance times, and eliminating the consumer burden of bringing vehicles to dealers for repairs. Total worldwide automaker cost savings for over-the-air update events are forecasted to grow from $2.7 billion in 2015 to over $35 billion by 2022, according to IHS. Automakers will also gain the ability to proactively deliver software updates that remedy security breaches, as well as enhance vehicle performance, features, and services contributing to post-purchase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

“Cloud-based software updates represent a huge opportunity for automakers and consumers alike that is unique to connected cars,” said Leon Hong, Chief Operating Officer at Airbiquity. “The Arynga partnership is a first step towards our ability to deliver a comprehensive software management solution for cars that’s as seamless as we’ve come to expect for gaming consoles, smartphones, and other consumer electronics devices. Airbiquity is committed to developing software update management technology so our automotive customers can execute software update campaigns for critical vehicle systems like powertrain, braking, climate control, and infotainment using the Choreo™ service delivery platform.”

“Arynga is pleased to join Airbiquity’s ecosystem of partners, leveraging their global expertise and experience in connected car technology and services to further enable cloud-based software update campaigns for current and future automotive customer programs,” said Walter Buga, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Arynga, Inc. “Development of Arynga’s CarSync™ OTA update management technology, and integration with Airbiquity’s Choreo platform, is a long-term play. We look forward to continue working with Airbiquity to bring the most innovative and cost effective solutions to the automotive market.”

Airbiquity and Arynga are hosting meetings during CES 2016 and the GENIVI 2016 Showcase Event @ Trump the week of January 4th to discuss the benefits of cloud-based connected car software updates and provide demonstrations of the initial phase of the companies’ collaboration.