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CyberPoint International has spun out its secure, Internet-of-things (IoT) cloud gateway platform solution into a separate company, AKUA. The new company’s initial markets are in logistics and the supply chain, where the IoT can greatly improve process efficiencies, control costs and lower security risks.

AKUA’s multi-tenancy gateway architecture accelerates widespread IoT adoption by providing end-to-end data reporting and storage, thereby allowing users secured access to their data while limiting outsiders’ access. AKUA takes advantage of industry-standard data protocols and cybersecurity best practices to allow customers flexible access to the data they need to drive their analytics and decision-making.

AKUA will be led by President and CEO Neil Furukawa, a veteran of the cybersecurity and IoT industries. “We believe IoT devices have enormous potential to provide businesses with supply chain data analytics that will help them better understand events during transit, and then leverage that information to drive down losses from theft and product damage,” Furukawa said. Unsecured IoT devices, platforms and systems can become a costly cybersecurity risk in business networks. The compromise of even a single IoT device can put the entire business network at risk. AKUA uses multiple layers of security controls to improve data integrity by mitigating cyber vulnerabilities from the IoT end point devices to the backend systems.

AKUA’s gateway platform uses a Data as a Service (DaaS) model that easily integrates into existing business process systems and other data analytics platforms. Customers have the flexibility of using either their own analytics and visibility platforms or AKUA’s cloud-based user configurable dashboard and mobile application solution. AKUA’s security features include physical security at cargo containers through patented re-useable high security electronic conveyance endpoint devices.

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