Apple TV, the leading platform solution for the smart home, launched a new app for Apple TV, available now from the App Store.  Users can watch live feeds from video cameras around their property in real-time HD, using Apple TV’s intuitive tvOS interface and remote.

The app for Apple TV allows users to quickly view live footage and control any camera from the comfort of their couch.  Users can expect seamless navigation from other Apple TV apps to the app to view a live feed from indoor and outdoor cameras with infrared night vision options. The Apple TV Siri Remote with Touch surface also controls’s pan and tilt cameras, making it easy to see more of what’s happening around the home.

“The emergence of new user interfaces is creating opportunities to make our smart home services even more accessible and useful to our millions of subscribers,” said Jay Kenny,’s Senior Vice President of Marketing.  “The smart home is about more than just the things it can connect, it’s about the user benefits enabled by the technology.  We look for ways to leverage new interfaces like Apple TV to make the smart home more useful every day.”

Easily accessing live HD video from in and around the home makes the user more aware of what’s happening. For example, users can easily jump from watching a movie or TV show to the app and:

  • Check on a napping baby.
  • See who’s at the door.
  • Make sure the kids are playing safely in the yard.
  • Ensure that the backyard gate is closed.

The app, which is available now and at no additional cost in the Apple TV App Store, also supports multiple accounts in a single interface.  Users with multiple properties can easily see what’s going on at home and check in on their office, store or second home. continues to deliver intuitive apps for Apple products like the new Apple TV.’s highly rated app for iPhone and iPad has been downloaded over a million times and its Apple Watch app was one the first apps available for the Apple Watch when it launched earlier this year.

To download the app, users can navigate to the App Store on their Apple TV and search for “”.

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