Altair Semiconducto announced that its FourGee-3800/6300 Category 4 (CAT-4) chipset powers Quanta’s new tri-band 13, 4, 2 M.2 module, the first certified single-mode LTE module to offer band 2 access on the Verizon Wireless North American network.

“This certification is another important milestone towards achieving LTE ubiquity in the United States,” said Eran Eshed, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Altair. “Until now, our customers have been successfully deploying products for Verizon Wireless markets in a dual-band configuration. The introduction of LM17B, the first of its kind, provides another important layer of service availability to users.”

This collaboration follows Verizon Wireless’s certification of Altair’s CAT-4 chipset in December 2014.

To date, Altair’s single-mode LTE chipsets have been implemented into more than 100 end-user devices including tablets, netbooks, Chromebooks, USB dongles, portable hotspots, fixed routers and gateways, and M2M applications.

About Altair Semiconductor

Altair Semiconductor is a leading provider of single-mode LTE chipsets. Altair’s portfolio covers the complete spectrum of cellular 4G market needs, from supercharged video-centric applications all the way to ultra-low power, low cost IoT and M2M. Altair has shipped millions of LTE chipsets to date, commercially deployed on the world’s most advanced LTE networks including Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Softbank. The company’s customer roster includes some of the world’s leading OEMs and ODMs, such as Hewlett-Packard, ASUS and D-Link, as well as the majority of Asian ODMs developing LTE products for global markets. For more information, please visit