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Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to be one of the rapidly evolving technology trends that brings disruptions in distributed intelligence and autonomous operation through real-time analysis of voluminous data. According to Gartner, IoT is going to hit the mainstream by 2020 with use of over 25 billion smart connected automotive, business and consumer equipment worldwide.

Henceforth, ALTEN Calsoft Labs has extended their IoT capabilities in various industries like Education, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Automobile/Automotive. Some of their noteworthy contribution in IoT landscape includes:

  • Textile: Development of an end-to-end IoT solution for a leading textile mill that attributes the challenges of connection overhead and huge bandwidth consumption of multiple weaving machines over ethernet. It also offers capabilities like administration and management of voluminous data and system management with IoT Service Management Platform.  The company’s indigenous .NET application integrated with congenital IoT Service Management Platform through REST API and ERP System simplifies the mill operations through the entire life cycle of textile automation, starting from cotton weaving to marketing and selling it.
  • Brewery: Built an IoT application for Brewery sector to enable sensor controlling of industry equipment, anomaly detection, production management based on sensor data and inventory management. The mobile application developed on IoT Service Management Platform ensures streamlined production with a standard QoS.
  • Automotive: To address the threat of deaths and injuries due to driver drowsiness, ALTEN Calsoft Labs has recently come up with a commercial vehicle safety solution. The IoT CoE team has designed an image analysis system with driver sleepiness detection feature, that continuously monitors the driver’s eye movements and sound an alarm if the driver felt sleepy. The application based on Human Machine Interface (HMI) supports autopilot mode besides providing nearest hotel and restaurant details.
  • Healthcare: Implemented groundbreaking Healthcare IoT solutions like Diabetes Management System entitled iGlucocheck (2Net enabled mobile application that connect to an end-to-end system including the glucometer device, Qualcomm Life’s 2Net gateways, 2Net platform’s cloud component with a high level of security and precision).
  • Education: Ontogenesis of Connected Classroom application that controls multiple projectors, displays, DVD players, speakers, etc. through a single IR remote to conserve resources and enhance productivity.
  • Hi-Tech: Based on the similar IR technology, ALTEN Calsoft Labs has developed an energy efficient light controller that can withstand various voltage and frequency variations being connected with 1300W load. Apart from these, the energy saving BLDC fan motor solution also projects the IoT capacity of the company.

In shaping IoT worldwide, ALTEN Calsoft Labs provides innovative ideas and insights to enterprises on the right solutions to draw accurate benefits of Machine-to-Machine and IoT technologies. The company works with different product and platform companies on product enhancement in M2M ecosystem. To drive a smart, secure and connected advantage for enterprises, ALTEN Calsoft Labs works on Consulting and Solution Development, Intelligent Platforms, Connected Devices, End-to-End System Integration and Testing & Support.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ Consulting and Solution Development embraces Requirement Elicitation & Analysis, Business Process Modeling, Solution Blueprint, Native Mobile Application Development, Application Management and Re-engineering & Optimization. Device Virtualization, OTA Firmware Updates Design Flow Implementation, PCB Fabrication, Incident Management, Cloud Hosting and Remote Infrastructure Management are few of the domains in which the company is skilled at. The firm’s offerings are at the cutting edge because of its minimal hardware requisite, on-time responsiveness, fault tolerance, zero administration operation and high scalability.

“ALTEN Calsoft Labs has over 20 years of experience in product engineering services, innovating in a market that’s ripe for disruption and is relying on indigenous service platform. Our IoT offerings will certainly reflect the end users’ expectations utilizing the developers’ pen to directly connect to our customers. We’re excited to see ALTEN Calsoft Labs’ success and look forward to grow more,” asserts Ramandeep Singh, CEO, ALTEN Calsoft Labs.

In business, data is useless unless it is analyzed. ALTEN Calsoft Labs concentrates on coalescing Big Data with IoT to leverage hardware resources in a manner that enables upstream applications to turn the ocean of data into information and extract insights from them.

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