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Altimetrik was acknowledged as a representative vendor in Gartner’s ‘Market Guide for IoT Service Providers’. The report includes Altimetrik’s industry-best IoT capabilities including its engineering expertise, IoT metrics, domain models, analytics and an in-built IoT security model as part of the solution stack in the market guide.

According to Gartner, “Skills and resources to build, deploy and run IoT solutions are often scarce for many businesses. IT leaders in manufacturing, healthcare delivery, transportation and retail organizations should use this Market Guide to select the right IoT service provider to support their Internet of Things projects.” Having worked with several global enterprises on cross-industry connected solutions, Altimetrik is capable of providing superior technology consulting, physical product design and solution implementation. The company has been lauded for its connected healthcare platform as well as its pioneering focus on industrial Internet of Things solutions (IIoT) that aim to improve operations, optimize assets and enhance overall productivity.

Altimetrik’s state-of-the-art IoT solutions for the manufacturing sector include connected furnaces, network of odorization pumps, fuel cell generator monitoring, digitalized assembly line and air quality monitoring. These solutions can effectively improve operations, optimize assets, enhance services, increase engagement and conserve resources for the manufacturers. In the healthcare segment, Altimetrik offers operational insights into medical equipment sterilization, besides its care management platform, which according to the company is a comprehensive wellness management platform redefining population health management.

“Internet of Things represents the future of many industries and Altimetrik is committed to pushing the limits of this technology and its ability to transform businesses and touch lives. This recognition motivates us to continue focusing on our high-end R&D efforts and build solutions that are beneficial to business entities and beyond” – Madhavan Satagopan, CTO, Altimetrik

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