Smart Door Lock
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The AMADAS smart door lock gained the attention of global companies at the ‘Mobile World Congress 2016’(MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain last February. European telecommunication service providers, IoT platform companies, door lock manufacturers, house rental companies, and the consumer electronics behemoth like Apple requested follow-up meetings to learn more about the key features and design of the AMADAS IoT Smart Lever Lock.

AMADAS is a startup company incorporated in 2014 that specializes in smart door locks. The global launch of the promising, young company, whose main product is the smartphone-linked smart lever lock, was supported by the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation. The AMADAS IoT Smart Lever Lock stands out from its competition thanks to its seamless integration of IoT related technologies, super-simple installation, most comprehensive compatibility, and multitude of uses.

The AMADAS IoT Smart Lever Lock provides real-time entry and exit information as well as door accessibility control through its smartphone application. The lock app operates on both Android and iOS, and is currently equipped with Bluetooth low energy while additional protocols like Z-wave is under development.

One of the main advantages of the AMADAS smart door lock is that it can easily be installed as a replacement lever on an existing door lock, eliminating the need to drill additional holes. Regardless of the door type, whether interior or exterior, the smart door lock can be mounted using only a screwdriver. The product meets strict European door lock standards and is already approved for use overseas.

Another big advantage of the AMADAS IoT Smart Lock Lever is its wide range of uses. Using optimized Big Data like entry and exit information, the lock will be able to offer real-time advertising services. In the future, AMADAS hopes to use its technologies to create new business models with a variety of partners—door lock manufacturers, telecommunication companies, construction companies, platform providers, security companies, and more.

CEO Park Eun Min commented on the lock saying, “Rather than just opening and locking doors, we are trying to develop a customer-oriented, next-generation convergence product.” AMADAS has already launched its crowdfunding at on August 17. It will end on September 25.

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