WiFi Network Clocks

GainSpan® Corporation, a leader in ultra-low power Wi-Fi connectivity for the Internet of Things, today announced that American Time is using GainSpan technology to power its recently released line of Wi-Fi clocks.  Using the combination of GainSpan’s ultra-low power Wi-Fi and a battery booster pack, the battery powered American Time Wi-Fi Network Clock series allows facility managers to install the clock anywhere throughout a facility and not worry about maintenance, as the clock maintains synchronized time and requires no battery replacement for five years.

American Time, the market leader in integrated time solutions, provides everything from clock repair for the White House to complete timekeeping systems for the largest corporations in the world to a presence in half of the K-12 schools in the U.S. Its new Wi-Fi Clock is designed for schools, universities, healthcare facilities, businesses and manufacturing plants.

GainSpan’s GS1011MIP Wi-Fi module used in the clock enables American Time to deliver a product that is significantly differentiated from their competition. Each clock is factory-configured so no set-up is required and the clock can easily join the facility’s Wi-Fi network. The clock then receives the precise time signal from a facility’s network time server and twice a year updates for Daylight Saving Time are done automatically. The technology’s staggered wake times make for an unnoticeable load or slow-down on an existing Wi-Fi network.

In addition, the clocks use the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, eliminating the need for additional equipment, license fees, managed services or other associated costs. The Wi-Fi clock also saves money by eliminating the need for costly wiring, making it ideal for new or expanding facilities.

“The new American Time Wi-Fi clocks are an excellent solution for organizations that want synchronized time but may not have the resources or need for a more robust wired or wireless clock system,” said Dieter Pape, president, American Time. “Without the requirements of additional equipment, our new offering gives more companies and organizations the ability to experience the benefits of synchronized time.”

American Time selected GainSpan Wi-Fi technology for two key reasons. “GainSpan offered the fastest booting modules, with the result being the lowest power consumption for our product architecture. Since a major design requirement was a 5 year battery life, this module provided the best opportunity to meet that requirement,” said Timothy Leung, engineering manager, American Time.  “And, the product line’s roadmap was also appealing, with new modules being pin compatible so that migration to 802.11n would not require a hardware redesign.”

“With a reputation as the Clock Experts, American Time is a longstanding global leader with a commitment to adaptive and innovative products that meet evolving customer demands. We are proud to help launch the first American Time Wi-Fi-enabled clocks and look forward to seeing their new Wi-Fi Clock deployed around the world quickly,” said Bernard Aboussouan, vice president of marketing, GainSpan.  “By offering the industry’s lowest power consumption Wi-Fi chips and modules, we are enabling companies like American Time to design battery operated devices that are easy to install and have very limited maintenance.”

GainSpan’s GS1011MIP module allows fast development of Wi-Fi enabled devices. It provides high output power of 18 dBm for extended range operation and features a full integrated networking stack. The module has an ultra-low power SoC that consumes a few uA of standby current and goes from standby to active mode in just ms, making it ideal for battery-operated devices requiring long life

The Wi-Fi Network Clock powered by GainSpan is available worldwide from American Time either online or through their regional sales teams at 1-800-328-8996.

About American Time

American Time is the recognized leader in the manufacturing of integrated, custom timekeeping systems and accessories. It offers Wi-Fi network clocks, IP network clocks, Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks, battery and digital clocks, as well as a master controller clock with the ability to run on a legacy wired system concurrently with a new wireless clock system.

About GainSpan

GainSpan, a spinoff of Intel Corporation, is an innovator and leader in semiconductor solutions for wireless connectivity for the rapidly emerging Internet of Things. GainSpan solutions let customers easily create connected products for the Connected Home, Smart Energy, healthcare, control/monitoring in industrial, commercial and residential markets and high-speed audio, video and security applications.