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AMobile Intelligent Corp., a joint venture by MediaTek and Arbor Technology and an expert in mobile IoT devices, will exhibit its five latest IoT mobility solutions at GITEX in Dubai World Trade Center (Hall 6, MAC6-91) from Oct. 16th to 20th. The solutions are applicable to Mobile Healthcare, Thermal Inspection, Warehouse Management, Internet of Vehicles, and Unified Cloud Service, facilitating connected device management and realizing industrial IoT applications.

According to Deloitte and marketsandmarkets, it is estimated that the market size of mobile health management will grow to 59.15 billion US dollars by 2020, with the CAGR of 33.4% from 2015 to 2020. “In response to the market demand driven by of aging population around the globe, we have worked closely with medical ecosystem partners to launch the mobile healthcare pack M6501. Combined with the identity recognition technology and cloud-based service, it helps people and their family manage daily body conditions to stay healthy,” said Eric Lee, Chairman of AMobile Intelligent.

The market researcher, Radiant Insights expected that the global thermal imaging market is reaching 6,499.5 million US dollars by 2020, and thermal imaging technology utilized in mobile phone and high-resolution cameras is projected to be a significant opportunity for industries. “We will introduce the SMART thermal handheld device G60 with powerful PTT (Push-to-Talk) function. Featuring SMART — Security, Management, Advance, Ruggedness and Thermal — G60 is a powerful mobile device with not only rich wireless communication, but also multi-data capture, connectivity, and secure management  for industrial applications. They include fire cause determination, maritime, detect and rescue, metallurgy, building quality inspection, medical, etc., to increase work efficiency and accuracy,” said Joseph Han, Sales Director of AMobile Intelligent.

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