amp technologies

This year will mark monumental changes in the Commercial Real Estate Industry with multiple technology advancements. AMP will be at the forefront of these industry-changing announcements, including leveraging IoT and other capabilities the Industry has never seen before. The global reach of these novel advancements will change the way that users access and interpret their data to make smarter business decisions.

“The old world saying is – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. At AMP we say “If it is working, let us disrupt it and make it better.” Our goal is to take your data and convert it to information at your fingertips when you need it and where you need it. In the last few years, we have seen companies come in and disrupt large economies. Apple for instance seems to have disrupted Finland’s economy, their two large industries being paper and Nokia are now nearly extinct.”, Shares Arvind Sathyamoorthy, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President-Product at AMP Technologies.

In the last 10 years, we have created as much data as we have had since the history of mankind preceding it. In 2011, we heard that data is doubling every 2 years. In 2013 we heard data will double every 12 months. With the ever increasing number of connected devices, data is growing even faster. Analysts estimate that we will have 25billion connected devices by 2020.

Advanced capabilities like connected sensors in buildings let us manage climate control, lighting, alarms, security systems and other key information. Today we can track traffic through malls and retail establishments using devices that are located within the space as well as devices that customers and employees bring to these locations. Multi-Family buildings can track and monitor usage of facilities and utilities by tenants to predict trends and better manage their expenses, all of this is available today. Internet of Things (IoT) is a very real and thriving in the Commercial Real Estate world. With the advent of connected devices, everyday objects are now sending and receiving mass amounts of data over the internet. The biggest winner will be the one who is able to best use this information to make smart decisions.

Arvind says “At AMP, we want to help you take all of your data and convert it into valuable, actionable information and provide it back to you near real time in the palm of your hands. This is already happening and AMP is at the forefront all things digital in the CRE industry. This year we will be the first to bring out products that will integrate data from your connected devices to your people and processes in very dynamic manner.”

With AMP accessing the IoT global infrastructure, users will have access to a seamless transparent connection that gathers key information from their existing systems combined with the interconnected digital world in a whole new way. The AMP User Experience is designed to drive smarter data, support flexible mobile capabilities and drive performance like never before. This means users will have access to a system providing high-level analytics so smarter decisions can be made on all levels, from energy consumption data in a building to comparative performance across the globe on key assets.

Tapping into innovation through best-of-breed mobility, cloud infrastructure and collaboration to deliver business intelligence focused on revenue health, risk management and tenant strength. Connecting relative data to operational intelligence so organizations gain extraordinary results. The advanced User Interface delivers Deep Insights on Clients and Tenants that help deliver increased Net Operation Income.