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Anark Corporation announced that it has launched its MBE-enabled HTML hosting and collaboration solution, powered by its Anark Core software.

Leveraging Anark’s recipe-driven publishing and collaboration software currently deployed within many of the world’s largest manufacturing enterprises, MBEWeb brings powerful new capabilities to the Industrial Internet, including full support for popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android-based tablet and smartphone devices through their standard web browsers.

The past three years have seen a rapid migration of enterprise manufacturers, away from traditional 2D engineering drawings and loosely-coupled database reports, towards a unified electronic MBE process leveraging 3D PDF documents generated with authoritative data from multiple data sources, including PLM and ERP. A natural next step in this process change is the need to leverage such a capability in the broader context of the extended enterprise, across the Industrial Internet—to better facilitate inter-organizational access and collaboration.

“Now that many of the world’s most innovative manufacturing enterprises have been successful generating multi-data 3D PDFs in full production for their manufacturing supply chains using Anark Core, our customers are now asking for a software solution that can reach out across the extended enterprise. Anark is happy to announce the launch of MBEWeb hosting and collaboration capabilities, which allows recipe-driven HTML + WebGL 3D content to be published into a modern, distributed cloud application environment, compatible with next-generation Industrial Internet platforms,” said Scott Collins, Executive VP of Product Development at Anark Corporation.

Fit-for-purpose HTML content can be generated through traditional PLM and ERP workflows through Anark Core’s recipe-based automation SOA and data connector architecture. A flexible template-based cloud application framework supports a wide variety of use cases in engineering release, supply chain collaboration, quality inspection planning and execution, manufacturing process planning and execution, and product service operations. Design engineering data from 3D CAD with MBD, 2D drawings, and other contextually-related tabular data (such as system requirements, manufacturing notes, MBOM, bill of process, bill of characteristics, and field service data from IoT systems), can be synthesized together in a unified collaboration environment.

MBEWeb is a customer-hosted software system using Windows or Linux servers utilizing the most modern and scalable cloud platform components, allowing technical engineering and manufacturing content to be delivered closer to enterprise users at the edge of the network. Hosting and user collaboration is achieved through a distributed cloud application framework instead of a traditional client-server transactional database model, allowing the system to cost-effectively scale to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users.

“Teams and organizations as diverse as Systems Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Service Operations, can now leverage their company’s engineering and manufacturing data investments, while continuing to honor the authority of the many databases involved in the modern manufacturing enterprise. Our customers that have established 3D MBE processes will be especially pleased to see full parity with our advanced 3D PDF publishing capabilities, with the additional benefits of multi-organizational collaboration in the cloud and flexible mobile access,” Collins continued.

About Anark

Anark Corporation is a leading engineering and manufacturing software provider, serving aerospace & defense, energy, electronics, automotive, industrial machinery, and medical equipment sectors, with reference customers that include the top 10 US aerospace companies. Anark Corporation helps enterprise manufacturing companies leverage their mission-critical data and infrastructure investments in PLM and ERP, providing solutions for engineering release, procurement and supply chain management, manufacturing process planning and execution, quality inspection planning and execution, and product service operations.

Anark helps market leaders such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, Ericsson, TE Connectivity, Navistar, and Johnson & Johnson unlock the potential of their PLM and ERP investments—to improve and accelerate product development, reduce material waste, and to collaborate and communicate more effectively and securely.

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