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Novatel Wireless, a leading global provider of solutions for Internet of Things, announced that the Ctrack fleet management solution has been extended to an additional 500 vans within the Anglian Water UK fleet. The vehicle tracking solution has achieved a host of benefits in terms of road safety, fuel efficiency and environmental responsibility. This latest agreement, brings the total number of vehicles monitored by Ctrack to 1,750, after the initial install in 2014 across 750 vehicles in Anglian Water’s treatments, waterworks and waste water operations.

In addition to vehicle tracking services, the Ctrack fleet management solution provides Anglian Water with a proprietary Driver Behavior Indicator and an online reporting tool. This combination has enabled Anglian Water to identify areas of improvement and maximize its driver training initiative.  A year after the initial installation the company achieved an almost 50% reduction in the number of driver incidents, such as speeding, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering. Other return on investment benefits have included a decrease in road accidents, an increase in fuel efficiency and a drop in carbon emissions.

“We have worked closely with Ctrack to develop an effective tracking solution with driver behavior monitoring that supports our commitment to Duty of Care,” said Stewart Lightbody, Head of Fleet Services at Anglian Water. “The safety of our staff, other road users and pedestrians in the areas we operate is our biggest priority, so we are delighted to see such positive changes to driver behavior. Moving forward we are targeting a 25% reduction in accidents as well as further improvements in fuel efficiency.”

“We are leveraging our IoT SaaS expertise with enterprise customers to develop highly effective solutions in partnership with utilities companies like American Water in the U.S. and now Anglian Water in the U.K.,” said Sue Swenson, CEO of Novatel Wireless.  “Novatel Wireless remains at the forefront of innovation and continues to deliver new services that help our fleet customers increase business efficiencies and keep their drivers safe on the road.”

A powerful yet simple-to-use fleet management solution, Ctrack delivers real-time visibility and control into day-to-day fleet operations. With the Ctrack fleet management solution for the enterprise, customers can easily and securely manage complex organizations, as well as improve driver safety, increase cost savings and improve worker productivity.

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