Today, two months after the private beta launch of APItools, 3SCALE announced APItools On-Premise. 3SCALE is the leading API management platform for API creators. APItools is a free service for API consumers to quickly and easily track and monitor all of an application’s API traffic. It also includes the abilities to transform and modify inbound and outbound traffic, and analyze flows to detect peaks and problems.

Open source and designed for high-traffic API consumption, APItools On-Premise provides more integration flexibility with existing API testing and monitoring systems – creating the perfect tool to manage external dependencies on APIs. While the previous version of APItools was only available as a cloud hosted solution, the new one allows developers to combine cloud monitors with on-premise and integrate monitoring into API traffic wherever they wish. The APItools dashboard offers overall insights and key indicators of all internal and external API services used. Different API traffic monitors can be created for different apps and for different development environments, and can be shared by multiple team members.

APItools On-Premise is also being made available as open-source code using an MIT license – permitting anybody to see the code being executed, manipulate their own setup and contribute back to the community.

APItools is in private beta and invitations can be requested here: Current users can download and install APItools from their dashboard. Local instances of APItools can be paired with APItools accounts for centralized monitoring, sharing with multiple team members, and restoring instances with one click.

“Today’s web and mobile applications depend on a wide range of backend APIs to make them function,” said Steven Willmott, CEO of 3SCALE. “But staying in control of these external systems is a huge pain point for developers. 3SCALE launched APItools to help developers use APIs in a more effective way. As a company, we see our mission as enabling as many people as posible to easily open APIs and to consume them.”

As the Internet of Things and the API market continues to evolve, developers will face increasing challenges in integrating new APIs and new devices becoming available. “We use APItools primarily for troubleshooting during development and internal releases of the app,” said Javier Soto, iOS Platform Lead at Pebble. “APItools has already saved us a lot of time since we integrated it with our APIs a couple of months ago. Recently we also integrated it in our internal iOS releases to verify that the network requests that we send to HockeyApp work and that crash reporting is functioning correctly. Super useful.”

APItools can also be very helpful to proxy requests between mobile users and service provider’s APIs. “We enrolled into the APItools test group and found ourselves with a service that not only addressed our proxy requirement but also gave us incredible insight into each request and response flowing through the proxy,” said Chris Grant, CTO and founder of a startup in stealth mode. “We are thrilled with APItools – a powerful, easily-configurable engine that made us strive to optimize our requests at the most granular level. APItools is simply the best way effectively work with APIs.”


APItools enables a more effective way to implement internal and external API services. Designed both for development and production environments, APItools is 3SCALE – the leading API Management for API creators – last effort to help more people consume APIs. APItools visual interface and traces search tool helps troubleshooting and makes testing and debugging API integrations a lot easier. It can also be used to learn about users’ usage of an app, based on what methods of the API are called the most. At production time, APItools offers overall insights and key indicators of all API traffic from one single place. Combine cloud monitors with on premises to make the most of APItools. APItools is currently free and committed to always offer solid free tiers.


3SCALE provides a comprehensive API infrastructure that helps both API providers to easily package, distribute, manage and monetize APIs, and users of APIs to interact with them in a simple way. 3SCALE’s API Provider SaaS infrastructure is flexible, secure and Web scalable, and enables the distribution of a company’s data, content or services to multiple devices or mobile/Web applications, as well as the ability to easily productize APIs. Since 2009, more than 100,000 developers are consuming more than 400 APIs exposed using 3SCALE. Customers span the Fortune 500, government, academia, and startups including Johnson Controls, SITA, Transport For London (TFL), UC Berkeley, Skype, among others.