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Arduino, the world’s leading open-source ecosystem for Education, Maker and IoT markets, announced its participation in the Maker Faire Bay Area 2016. The Company is also announcing a strategic partnership with Nordic Semiconductor. Another strategic partnership tying audio/video capabilities to a new Arduino platform will be announced later this week, and will also be demonstrated at Maker Faire. Please visit Arduino’s booth in Zone 2, Expo Hall on the East Side.

The Arduino Primo now features native Bluetooth Smart wireless connectivity and NFC, through the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 Bluetooth® Smart System-on-Chip (SoC). The platform also includes Wi-Fi and infrared technologies. This allows IoT developers to create inspiring smart applications using built in connectivity all in one board.

“Our goal since the beginning has been to offer affordable, open source hardware and software, making it simple and fun for all kinds of developers to bring their ideas to life,” said Federico Musto, CEO & President of Arduino S.r.L. “In the skyrocketing market of IoT, we are working with companies around the world to build amazing IoT products and services. From smart homes to robotic arms that can help clean the house, we’re excited to see what our makers come up with next.”

In addition to Primo and the new platform that will be announced this week, Arduino offers products to enable IoT developers and Makers of all ages. The Uno Wi-Fi allows makers to communicate via Wi-Fi with sensors or actuators to create connected devices. The leading Arduino Tian has a number of facilities for communicating with phones, tablets, computers, cameras, and other devices, as well as additional Arduino boards and microcontrollers, giving makers the ability to build an entirely connected system to enhance the home or the car.

“The Maker Faire Bay Area will be telling this year as leaders in the industry continue to develop disruptive technologies in cloud, security, machine learning, AI, advanced robotics, and more,” Musto said.

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