Arduino, leading open-source ecosystem for Education, Maker and Internet of Things (IoT) markets, demonstrates a variety of innovative projects at the #MFBA2017 gathering in San Mateo, CA. This year, Arduino will also be selling its extremely popular and brand new boards, kits and shields, including: Star Otto ‘lite,’ Primo, Primo Core, LoRa Node and Gateway Shields, Uno and Uno Wi-Fi, Mega, Due, Nano, Braccio, Arduino Starter Kit, and Libretto Kit.

Arduino announced the formation of a new Arduino Foundation, and the appointment of Hernando Barragán as its Chief Design Architect. The Arduino project’s co-founder Massimo Banzi will present on the Maker Faire stage, Saturday @ 12:45. Federico Musto will also participate on a panel about “Manufacturing your own chips,” with SiFive.

“We’re always excited to participate at Maker Faire Bay Area, which brings together thousands of Makers, and hundreds of thousands of attendees from around the world,” said Federico Musto, CEO of Arduino. “The passion of the Arduino community continues to impress and humble me. The creativity of Arduino Makers is unmatched, and we look forward to sharing just a fraction of that passion at the Faire this year.”

Just following the Faire, Arduino will host the 2nd annual Arduino Developer Day, May 22nd to include Microchip, Semtech, Intel, and other community developers. In addition, Arduino will host its 1st annual Arduino Education Day, May 23rd to include college and K12 educators and administrators, De Anza and SJSU students, and others. Emphasizing IoT development and education, Arduino is the world’s leader in providing an easy to use, open hardware platform for Makers of all ages. Projects created using Arduino can be estimated in the millions.