Arduino, the world’s leading open-source ecosystem for Educators, Makers and IoT developers of all ages, has announced its participation in this year’s Maker Faire New York, just on the heels of New York Fashion Week.

Federico Musto, CEO & President of Arduino S.r.L. commented, “What’s interesting and groundbreaking is how educators are incorporating the use of open technology and innovative design to innovate the entire education industry. We’ve been seeing incredible inventions — from developers of all ages globally — that will become commercial products in the IoT space, solving problems in energy, water, safety, efficiency, and more.”

The Company is also showing its latest IoT boards – Primo, Primo Core, Otto – delivering Bluetooth wireless, Wi-Fi, infrared, NFC, and more advanced capabilities to continue to fuel the fast growing IoT market. Arduino is demonstrating the power of IoT audio technology with Audeme’s MOVI, a speech recognition and voice synthesizer that adds voice control to Arduino projects. Allnet Germany will be showing their Brick R Knowledge technology that allows Makers to combine various shields to experiment and build prototypes quickly.

“We’re excited to offer this shield, allowing developers to easily add their own speech interaction to any Arduino project,” said Bertrand Irissou, Co-Founder and CEO of Audeme. “We believe voice is the next big step in making IoT applications come alive. Industries like home automation, robotics and virtual reality will greatly benefit from the plethora of cloudless, hands-free applications that can be built using voice control; telling our robots what, when, and how to help us is a big part of the IoT and AI growth.”

Arduino offers products to enable IoT developers and Makers of all ages. The Arduino Uno Wi-Fi allows makers to communicate via Wi-Fi with sensors or actuators to create connected devices. The leading Arduino Tian has a number of facilities for communicating with phones, tablets, computers, cameras, and other devices, as well as additional Arduino boards and microcontrollers, giving makers the ability to build an entirely connected system to enhance the home, the car, and the clothing we wear everyday.

“Kids are also fueling the IoT growth because the hardware platform is available and affordable, and learning how to code software is fun and easy to teach and learn when it is tied to fashion, robotics, games, music, and other things they love. We’re happy to be a part of bringing these innovations together around the world,” Musto concluded.

MOVI by Audeme is a speech recognizer and voice synthesizer Arduino shield. It is easily programmed from the Arduino IDE to recognize hundreds of speaker-independent commands. MOVI can be used to build voice interfaces for home automation or any device requiring hands free operation and audio feedback. Based on a low power ARM Cortex A8, all the recognition is done on the shield and does not require the cloud for processing, thus making MOVI secure, reliable and suitable for battery operation. MOVI supports English, German and Spanish.

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