Arkados Group, Inc. has announced the release of our Process & Event Management System (“PEMS”) v.1.0, a seamless, flexible, robust and dynamic cloud based platform designed to manage the production and manufacturing process of electronic devices.  The system allows for real-time status and bi-directional controls (accessible even via mobile and remote client devices) throughout the entire life cycle of a production environment as well as dealing with certain events, which traditionally require human intervention in the production facilities. Additionally, it also offers the ability to gather, harvest, analyze and report historical data and provides integrated controls for energy and environmental conditions relevant to production environments as well as dynamic and flexible reporting for multiple internal and external stakeholders.

Arkados’ PEMS provides individual stakeholders in the value chain (i.e. vendor, manufacturer, OEM, distributor, product developer, retailer) complete transparency throughout the manufacturing, distribution and life cycle of products. The dashboard can be shared with multiple value-chain stakeholders and can be customized to send out-going inspection product data automatically, and analysis of the data can generate either a confirmation of passed inspection, or an alert of defect or potential weakness of the product.

Arkados’ PEMS enables machines to predict failures that trigger maintenance processes autonomously and notify maintenance and operations personnel. This proactive responsiveness and timely intervention prevents mishaps, reduces wait times, eliminates redundancy, and identifies weaknesses, resulting in enhanced performance and increased productivity. Additionally, the platform offers rule-based logistics that react to unexpected changes or interruptions in production such as materials shortages and production bottlenecks.

Our PEMS is designed to allow machines and legacy systems to communicate and control each other, but also intervenes and remediates autonomously. By connecting machines and collecting valuable data, it creates an intelligent network along the entire value chain for enterprise-wide data acquisition. Arkados LinqUSP™ extends the PEMS functionality by collecting product health and usage data, which can be fed back to the PEMS. For network-connected products, it can also use product data to provide services during the entire product lifecycle.

Speaking about how this launch will open up new revenue streams, CEO of Arkados Group, Inc. Terrence DeFranco stated, “Designed for high volume electronic device manufacturers, the release of Arkados PEMS v.1.0 continues to demonstrate the scalability of our company and bodes well for future successes.  With its ubiquitous mobility, this ‘uber’ production/manufacturing manager offers real time monitoring and management, delivers cost savings by reducing defects, and helps manage returned devices. In addition, the data that is gathered from our PEMS can be used to enhance the value of our proprietary LinqUSP™, resulting in higher end user satisfaction. This is an exciting launch and a significant milestone for the company given the demands for more efficient manufacturing processes worldwide. We expect to extend the usability of this management system to other processes very soon and capitalize on this large and growing global market.”

About Arkados Group, Inc.

Arkados Group, Inc. (“Arkados” or the “Company”) is a leading software and hardware design company focused on developing solutions that enable machine-to-machine communications for the Internet of Things (IoT). Our solutions support smart grid and smart home applications primarily in the areas of home and building automation and energy management. The Company’s solutions are uniquely designed to drive a wide variety of wireless and powerline communication (PLC)-based products, such as sensors, gateways, video cameras, appliances and other devices. By utilizing the Company’s solutions, Arkados‘ customers can bring numerous sophisticated, full-featured products to market faster at a lower overall development cost.

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