The City of Benton Police Department, located outside of Little Rock, AR reports highly satisfactory results with their deployment of 68 BodyWorn™ police cameras and 49 Rocket IoT™ in-car video communications systems by police software and technology vendor Utility, Inc. The complete evidence management system provides police departments across the country with enhanced efficiency and cost savings while optimizing transparency and accountability between police officers and the communities they serve.

“We chose BodyWorn because it is a turn-key system. We instantly saw the benefits when the technology deployed. Our officers are safer, our processes are transparent and our department spends less with this system than with any other body camera option we evaluated,” said Benton Police Department Chief Kirk Lane. “Our community expects the best from our department and deploying the best technology ensures that these requirements are met.”

The Benton Police Department joined over 50 agencies that selected BodyWorn because of advanced capabilities including policy-based automatic recording triggers and officer down reporting. Department workload is alleviated by BodyWorn’s ability to capture an incident automatically, allowing the officer to document and classify evidence on the spot and enabling video to offload immediately to cloud storage.

“Our smart technology continues to provide situational awareness to our public safety customers,” said Ted Davis, CEO of Utility, Inc. “We are pleased that we can consistently uphold our reputation of delivering tomorrow’s technology today without the infrastructure improvement spending that is often required by competing systems.”

For more information on the Benton Police Department’s deployment of Utility’s complete system, the embedded video features commentary by Chief Kirk Lane and Mayor, David Mattingly.