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Arrayent, developer of the Arrayent Connect IoT (Internet of Things) platform chosen by the world’s most trusted consumer product brands, announced support for low-cost, low-power Wi-Fi chips byEspressif Systems.

Espressif, Arrayent and Axalent Solutions have collaborated to enable the Arrayent Connect Agent firmware stack on the EspressifESP8266EX integrated Wi-Fi chip and are announcing plans for the first customer rollout of the Arrayent/Espressif solution later this year in China.

The highly integrated low-power Espressif ESP8266EX Wi-Fi chip was specifically engineered for mobile devices, wearable electronics and IoT applications. The chip’s architecture achieves low power consumption based on several proprietary technologies that provide three modes of operation: ‘active,’ ‘sleep’ and ‘deep sleep,’ thus enabling battery-powered products to run longer.

“Through our innovative, highly integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chipsets, open source software solutions and collaborations with leading industry partners such as Arrayent, we have created a robust and low-cost turn-key solution, to make IoT economically feasible,” commented Teo Swee Ann, CEO of Espressif.

“We’re delighted to add Espressif chips to the portfolio of platforms supported by the Arrayent Connect Agent, which enables ‘Things’ to remain ‘Things’ and doesn’t require expensive onboard computing resources,” said Arrayent CEO Cyril Brignone. “Through our partnerships with Espressif and other embedded platforms, we provide our customers the flexibility they need to choose components that best suit their mass-market consumer home products.”

Axalent CEO John Yu added, “With the addition of the Espressif ESP8266EX, we are extending the reach of the Arrayent IoT platform as a compelling vehicle for extremely low-cost, low-power IoT applications. Customers are already benefiting from this new solution by launching connected products at price-performance points that will catapult their market share positions.”

The Arrayent IoT Platform enables consumer product brands to remotely monitor, manage, control, and acquire data from connected products. The Arrayent platform creates a virtualized device in the cloud for each connected physical device, enabling over-the-air device firmware updates, alerts and notifications, data insights from devices in the field, and interoperation with other IoT clouds such as Google’s Nest.

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