Asavie Provides Secure, Configurable Connectivity for the IoT
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Asavie, a leader in Software Defined Networking solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise mobility management, has unveiled, iSimplyConnect, a new connectivity marketplace enabling Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to offer on-demand configurable connectivity to the developer community and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). iSimplyConnect enables MNOs to address the requirements of the developer and maker community by offering single digit proof of concept IoT connections that rapidly scale into production networks on demand.

Until the availability of iSimplyConnect, building solutions which could harness cellular connectivity has been a complex challenge for developers and makers who previously resorted to Wi-Fi or other short range connectivity options, which inhibited the roll out of secure, scalable production ready IoT solutions. iSimplyConnect now provides developers and makers with access to global cellular connectivity via a secure private IP network, enabling immediate deployment and elastic scaling of IoT projects. The on-demand private network means users can quickly carry out trials, conduct proof of concept tests, and run deployments – all without requiring any new hardware.

“Our new connectivity marketplace, iSimplyConnect will help operators unlock the potential of the maker and OEM communities.” said Ralph Shaw, CEO, Asavie. “We enable MNOs to take the guesswork out of connectivity for these communities by providing an interface for secure and private connectivity, immediate deployment and unlimited scaling of IoT projects globally.”

iSimplyConnect offers:

Scalable Connectivity: Quickly prototype, build and deploy connected IoT devices with an immediate connection to the service.

Security: Get security from the outset as you are issued with your own private APN and private IP network, invisible from the public Internet. Protect against botnets and create an SD-WAN for your devices globally. Receive real-time alerts and notifications of unusual activity or breaches in usage policies.

No Restrictions: Buy online and get going immediately with a single SIM. The service offers significant opportunities around scalability and flexibility for developers and enterprises.

Configurable Connectivity: Create and control your own private network static IP address, set data usage policies, as well as regional usage restrictions.

SIM Life Cycle Management: Fully integrated with flexible SIM life-cycle management, which offers organizations unprecedented levels of control.

Affordable Connectivity: The service provides for right sizing connectivity with transparent pricing and bundle offerings. Businesses of all sizes can get full visibility into associated costs. The service caters from the individual maker to businesses with global scaled deployment needs.

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