Avasie Dell

Asavie has joined the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program as an Associate Technology Partner. The Asavie PassBridge™ cloud-hosted platform delivers on-demand IoT services that manage and secure connectivity across diverse networks, at scale. In combination with Dell Edge Gateways, Asavie PassBridge™ provides enterprises with end-to-end control of their network connectivity to ensure the commercial success of their IoT projects.

The Asavie PassBridge™, IoT Connectivity management platform combined with Dell Edge Gateways offers organizations a secure, seamless end-to-end connectivity off the public Internet. Additionally, it enables enterprises to rapidly rollout IoT projects, and securely capture and manage the vast amounts of data transacted between IoT devices.

Welcoming the announcement, Lars Jerkland, Vice President, OEM for Asavie, said, “We are pleased to be part of Dell’s growing network of IoT Partners. Customers are struggling with IoT network connectivity and integration challenges and our work with Dell helps address these obstacles. Together, Asavie and Dell offer industrial customers a secure, seamless, end-to-end IoT connectivity experience without any of the potential delays typically associated with rolling out a global cellular project.”

“Dell is focused on providing our customers with a comprehensive IoT solution to help them build new business models and grow,” said Jeff Brown, Dell EMC vice president, Global IoT and Embedded PC Sales, OEM Solutions.

“Dell’s Edge Gateways and Asavie PassBridge™, provide customers with a scalable, secure and robust IoT solution. As a result, enterprises can accelerate IoT implementation, generating increased cost savings and rapid delivery of new services to market,” continued Brown.

Asavie IoT Connect is a self-service web application designed to provision, activate and manage your IoT devices using cellular communications. In just a few clicks you will be able to setup a private on-demand network off the public internet, between your devices and the destination you choose. With Asavie IoT Connect you remove the need for IT builds or complex integrations. Just get your SIM cards, setup your network and receive your data.