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The AT&T Alliance Channel is giving solution providers more sales opportunities. We’re adding more products to our channel, and we’re making it easier to work with us.

With access to the AT&T Network on Demand platform, solution providers can help businesses move faster. It puts control of the network in customers’ hands. Setting up network service is simpler. Ordering more ports is a snap. And changing service or adjusting bandwidth happens in near real time.

“Businesses want more – more control, more speed, more ways to reach new outcomes. They’re constantly turning to trusted advisors for help,” said Kevin Leonard, vice president, AT&T Alliance Channel. “With a growing portfolio of products at their fingertips, solution providers can have broader conversations with customers. They can help customers work smarter and quicker, winning together in this changing marketplace.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is another driving force behind business transformation. Solution providers can use IoT technology to help customers merge the physical world with the digital world. An example of this is the high value asset management market, which is poised for tremendous growth.

We launched 3 IoT capabilities to let solution providers partake in this market opportunity:

  • Asset Management for Equipment and Machinery – Offers insight into the location, diagnostics and usage of connected machinery. Solution providers can help heavy equipment operators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and rental companies improve how they manage and maintain their equipment.
  • Asset Management for Storage Tanks – Remotely monitors the fill levels of storage tanks holding oil, chemicals and compressed gases. Solution providers can help fleet, logistics and operations managers use this near real-time view to check the capacity of containers in the field. This streamlines pickups and deliveries.
  • Asset Management for Shipping Containers – Provides a complete view of the shipment of containers or trailers. Solutions providers can help transport companies better manage their distribution process with insight into the end-to-end journey of their inventory.

In addition, we’re making it even easier for solution providers to work with us. We simplified the sales process for select products in the AT&T Alliance Channel. This means less time filling out forms and more time identifying opportunities with customers. We also restructured our sales teams, opening more small and mid-sized business accounts to solution providers.

“We want to create a cohesive sales experience where solution providers are truly an extension of our team. Fostering more organic collaboration is the only way to help each other win locally together,” said Leonard.

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