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AT&T is offering integrated tools for helping Internet of Things (IoT) developers. Developers can now quickly build their IoT solutions using AT&T Internet oft Things Platforms and Microsoft Azure cloud, analytics and visualization tools.

Today’s news builds on existing integration between AT&T IoT Platforms and Microsoft’s cloud offerings, which allow developers to use AT&T M2X and AT&T Flow Designer to access the power of Azure, including big data, business intelligence, and machine learning tools that transform data into intelligent action. Developers can use the tools together, making it simpler and quicker to bring their solutions to market.

With AT&T Flow Designer, developers can connect their Internet of Things devices through the AT&T Global SIM and manage them through AT&T Control Center to run the solutions and store their data in Azure. The integrated technologies make it easier for developers to build Internet of Things apps in a highly secure cloud environment, better manage their data and launch IoT applications.

“We want to fuel innovation in the Internet of Things industry,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, AT&T Internet of Things Solutions. “Using Azure we’ve created a one-stop shop for developers to turn ideas into solutions. They now have platforms, connectivity and cloud services in one package to launch products and support their developer ecosystem.”

“Developers can connect their device data to Azure and rapidly deploy IoT applications. We’re working with AT&T to give developers a broad ecosystem of tools to get the job done right. Together, our technologies can help tech innovators create impactful solutions for businesses,” said Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President, Developer Experience & Evangelism and Chief Evangelist, Microsoft.

AT&T is also working with Microsoft on a new starter kit for Internet of Things developers. Customers will be able to purchase the combined AT&T and Microsoft technologies in one toolkit. They will have a complete set of Internet of Things tools to start their IoT projects right away.

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