Maxwell Air Force Base

“Military bases function as small cities,” said Colonel Don Lewis, 42d Mission Support Group Commander, Maxwell Air Force Base. “And we face a lot of the same challenges municipalities face. We’re excited about opportunities to explore ways to enhance our operations, conserve limited resources, and stimulate new ideas to more creatively execute our missions through the power of IoT and network connected sensors.”

We are installing and integrating network-connected sensors into the everyday operations of the base. We also plan to create proof of concept demonstrations of smart perimeters, gate monitoring, notifications, fleet management and more with Maxwell. A highly secure and connected “Smart Base” is more efficient and effective.

AT&T is working with the command staff at Maxwell, representatives from Air University and other Air Force personnel to show IoT’s potential.

“Our work with Maxwell Air Force Base is just the tip of the iceberg of assisting the military,” said Rocky Thurston, Air Force client executive vice president, AT&T Global Public Sector Solutions. “It’s an honor to team with Maxwell to improve its base operations and infrastructure through IoT.”

Since our 2015 Smart Cities launch, we’ve used our resources and IoT expertise to collaborate with cities around the country to create impactful solutions. We’ve also helped cities create and use holistic smart cities strategies to address their current and future needs.

Maxwell Air Force Base is located in Montgomery, Alabama. Its mission is critical to national security. It is the home of Air University, the Air Force’s education and leadership hub, the 908th Airlift Wing, the Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate of the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center, and more than 30 tenant units.