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AT&T is continuing momentum for our smart cities framework, welcoming Southern Company and Hitachi to our growing strategic alliance. We’re also adding two new spotlight cities to our roster—Montgomery County, Maryland and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Introduced last month, our smart cities framework is a holistic approach to help cities better meet the needs of their citizens using Internet of Things (IoT).  The framework, which will initially roll out in select spotlight cities and universities, is supported by an alliance of key technology leaders and industry organizations. Together, we’ll develop and deploy solutions that help cities address critical issues like high energy costs, transportation, aging infrastructure, and public safety.

New Strategic Alliances

Atlanta-based Southern Company, the premier energy company serving the Southeast, is the first utility to join our smart cities alliance. AT&T and Southern Company will work together to develop and promote innovative energy technologies supporting cutting-edge communities.

“Through our smart cities collaboration, we aim to develop new technologies that will improve customers’ quality of life and support thriving communities – all while using electricity more productively,” said Thomas A. Fanning, chairman, president and CEO of Southern Company. “Working together to turn good ideas into real solutions is a direct extension of Southern Company’s long-standing commitment to create a better energy future.”

As a member of the smart cities alliance, Hitachi will bring its experience working with companies on a global scale and expertise to help solve issues that affect quality of life in cities and at universities.

“We are pleased to join AT&T and other industry leaders in the development and delivery of new solutions that help municipalities address energy and sustainability challenges,” said Joel Hurley, Senior Vice President, Energy Solutions, Hitachi Consulting. “Hitachi looks forward to applying its innovation and expansive expertise in sustainable and resilient energy, Smart City, Internet of Things, and to our continued collaboration with AT&T and other members of its smart city alliance.”

“More and more cities are realizing the impact IoT solutions can have on improving the lives of their citizens,” said Mike Zeto, general manager and executive director, AT&T Smart Cities. “Through our strategic alliances with companies like Southern Company and Hitachi, we’re well positioned to help cities address problems, as well as create new opportunities, in their communities.”

New Spotlight Cities

We’re also pleased to introduce two more spotlight cities—Montgomery County and Chapel Hill.

Montgomery County, Maryland is collaborating with AT&T and Deloitte on developing a smart cities framework to explore the various possibilities of smart transit.

“As we plan for the future of transit in Montgomery County, we’re actively working with partners to build a cutting-edge system that will serve our residents for decades. This collaboration with AT&T and Deloitte will provide the resources to explore futuristic possibilities which would have been difficult to accomplish alone and builds on our existing internet of things programs,” said Isiah Leggett, County Executive of Montgomery County, Maryland.

The Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina is entering into a brand-new agreement with AT&T to be one of the 2016 Spotlight City Pilots.  Particular emphasis will be on the downtown corridor of Chapel Hill called Franklin Street, a mix of retail, public transit and parking, college student activities, and entertainment venues.  The street gives AT&T and the Town of Chapel Hill the opportunity to explore and implement many of the service offerings AT&T and its collaborators can provide today including smart lighting solutions, parking sensors, public venue options and transit, and exploring a number of opportunities to increase public safety.  The Town of Chapel Hill also wants to partner with regional universities to analyze and develop actionable results from the data that will be gathered once the smart cities solution is underway and implemented.

“We are thrilled to be working with AT&T as a 2016 spotlight city.  The collaborative project will utilize the Internet of Things and advanced analytics to increase safety on several levels as well as enhance services provided to citizens,” said Scott Clark, CIO of the Town of Chapel Hill.

New Solution for Utilities

Earlier this month, we announced that we are working with Nokia to make sure U.S. utility companies can get their data when they really need it. Using our spectrum with Nokia LTE technology, we’re providing a new option for utilities to build a private, highly secure, reliable and high-capacity LTE network.

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