Photo source: www.facebook.com/802secure

802 Secure, has been partnered with AT&T for the immediate deployment of AirShield, a first-class enterprise wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) defense technology, throughout the United States. Two of the most active and high-traffic IoT regions have rolled out AirShield via the Dallas, Texas-based AT&T Control Center, with 1,000s of AT&T personnel to be trained on the new product and associated SaaS service offerings.

The much-anticipated new cybersecurity offering, currently in adoption by government agencies for the AirShield P25CleanRF, has been released to support AT&T’s enterprise-scale wireless security requirements and standards, designed to monitor wireless airspace, taking proactive actions to mitigate loss – prior to incident occurrence.

The partnership with the 2014-founded Silicon Valley startup marks a new mission by the global Fortune-100 (NYSE: T) telecom giant to secure the ever-growing IoT (Internet-of-Things) demands. The cloud-based offering boasts intrusion detection/deception, vulnerability assessment, and advanced IoT threats prevention. Founder and CEO, Garry Drummond, says:

“ABI Research estimates that more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things by 2020. With the ‘inter-connectivity of everything’ becoming the next information revolution, new risks and threats are upon us, and our partnerships with AT&T, Optiv and Carahsoft will be crucial in helping our customers.”

802 Secure product engineers have nearly completed integration with the AT&T Control Center, lead by COO,Amrit Williams DePaulo, previously Director and CTO for IBM’s Endpoint business in Emerging Security Technologies.

Of the partnership and wireless-defense mission, AT&T’s AVP Product Marketing Security Solutions, Tina Hampton, says,

“802 Secure is using AT&T Control Center because it is a highly secure platform they can utilize to offer security and visibility in IoT deployments, helping in detecting and mitigating the risk associated with the Internet of Things.”

AT&T will roll out the AirShield™ solution across all 5 major sales regions in the United States by early 2017, training sales force and deployment specialists nationwide. 802 Secure executive staff has been collaborating daily with AT&T to continue to develop forums and cyber-education about the new wireless IoT airspace and its threats in cyber security for the entire IoT market of the future.

For more information about 802 Secure visit www.802secure.com.