Sunday, September 22, 2019


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SmartCity - Internet of Things

AT&T Helps Cities Save Water With New Technology

AT&T,* IBM and Mueller Water Products have developed a new solution to help cities save water. The solution uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology that can be installed quickly to help...

AT&T Makes It Easier To Track And Manage Commercial Equipment

AT&T* is working with Sany America to monitor and manage its heavy equipment machinery in North America with telematics services.  Telematics services from AT&T gives commercial equipment manufacturers, and the fleet owners of this...

AT&T And GE Strengthen Alliance, Fuel Innovation With Smart Energy Solutions

AT&T and GE are working together to create the next generation of smart energy solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things, helping to improve the way the energy industry works.  The companies...

AT&T Innovation Leads To Cellular Communications Module Reference Design And Advanced Prepay Energy

AT&T* expands its smart grid leadership by making it easier for utilities and solution providers to develop cellular solutions with the development of a Cellular Communications Module (CCM) Reference Design with...