Saturday, February 29, 2020


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AT&T Fuels IoT Momentum With New Asset Management Solutions, Alliances, And Customers

AT&T is helping companies across the world stay connected to their assets from almost anywhere. We're now extending our air cargo tracking solutions to companies in Asia, offering developers more asset management...

AT&T To Connect OneMedia’s First Connected Medical And Health Smartwatch

AT&T will provide connectivity for OneMedia's Sensation 3G smartwatch. Complete with activity trackers and phone features, the wearable can wirelessly transmit medical and health data to caregivers. Using AT&T's highly secure network, caregivers...

AT&T Alliance Channel Unveils New Growth Opportunities for Solution Providers

The AT&T Alliance Channel is giving solution providers more sales opportunities. We're adding more products to our channel, and we're making it easier to work with us. With access to the AT&T...
SmartCity - Internet of Things

AT&T Helps Cities Save Water With New Technology

AT&T,* IBM and Mueller Water Products have developed a new solution to help cities save water. The solution uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology that can be installed quickly to help...
connected car

AT&T Expands Innovative Options for Connected Car Customers

AT&T is working to meet the needs of a growing number of tech savvy car owners looking for the latest in connected car technology. According to a recent study by AT&T...

AT&T Leads The Industry In The Internet Of Things

AT&T is connecting more people, processes and machines with the Internet of Things (IoT). Since January 2015, AT&T has struck IoT agreements with more than 136 companies across numerous industries. These include...

UnaliWear Extends Independence With Dignity With Kanega Smartwatch Connected By AT&T

AT&T will provide connectivity for the UnaliWear Kanega watch, a go-everywhere unobtrusive wearable designed for those who are both independent and vulnerable.  The Kanega smartwatch has discreet support for falls, medication reminders,...

AT&T Takes Container Tracking To A New Level

AT&T* is helping businesses manage their shipping containers as they move across the globe. Companies that transport containers by truck, railroad or trailers can use the AT&T network to help them...
Strategy Analytics Mobile Operator Innovation

Mobile Operators Targeting Trillions in Growth through Innovation

Mobile operator focus on innovation is more than just hype, and successful innovation programs are helping operators target revenue growth worth trillions, according to the Strategy Analytics Wireless Operator Strategies (WOS)...
Permobil Wheelchairs

AT&T And Permobil Unveil The Connected Wheelchair Proof Of Concept At CTIA

AT&T* and Permobil have developed a trailblazing proof of concept solution that wirelessly connects wheelchairs to increase user independence and freedom. The connected wheelchair concept uses AT&T's Internet of Things (IoT)...