F2103 FCC industrial modbus 3G modem

Location/Country: Vietnam
Product: F2103 industrial modbus 3G modem with gsm I/O modules rs232 analog inputs

Project background:
AC Automatic Recloser is outdoor distribution equipment is applicable to the distribution system of substations and industrial&mining enterprises for protection and control and the sites with frequent operation. It composed of model outdoor AC Vacuum circuit breaker and an automatic reclosing controller.

The power distribution system which deploy in Vietnam, require remote control the recloser from the monitor center. With the cellular enabled communication device F2103 keep the connection stable, low price and convenience of the deployment.

System composition:
System consists auto recloser, F2103 GPRS IP MODEM ( DTU ) and the central server (SCADA System). F2103 IP MODEM collect the data through the GPRS network to the server. With fast and accurate data collection, statistical analysis.

Topology is as below:

Practical application is as below:

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