Porsche Telematics

Sometimes, we all get caught up in the wow, how cool is this IoT device – everyone will want it! hype. Sure, the products are beautifully designed, with meticulous attention to detail. The marketing for these products is also top tier, with beautifully designed websites – parralax, responsive web design, professional photography, the works…

But, does the particular product REALLY belong in or on every <fill in the blank – car, truck, wrist, neck, foot, bed, etc>?

Last week the #IoT trend was going gaga with the latest Automatic review – as is always the case with each new IoT device or review. If you have been keeping tabs on IoT devices, you should already be up to speed on:

  • what it is: an auto accessory to make you a smarter driver
  • what it does: “just plug the Automatic Link into your car’s data port. Your car and smartphone will automatically connect whenever you drive, wirelessly.”

I read the review – on TUAW. The product is definitely cool. But it’s not for me. As a driver of a Porsche SUV, my car already has most of Automatic’s features.


I already get:

  • how far I drove
  • how much gas I used
  • average gas mileage
  • Bonus: how many miles to empty

Do I really want to know “how I drive” and be given a score? Not in the Porsche, sorry. The car has power, I want to give it gas and could care less how much I spent on gas – I just want to feel all its horses kick in and take me to the promise land. And if the “check engine” light comes on, it’s not like anyone but the Porsche dealer can do anything about it. Joe Mechanic – sorry buddy, but I won’t trust my Porsche to you.

I have to assume the way Automatic tracks where you park is via the phone’s location awareness – similar to how my Galaxy Note3 keeps tabs of my running route after I start the S Health workout. Same with the emergency call, it’s probably phone dependent unlike OnStar or LoJack.

The IFTTT concept sounds great. Maybe if I lived a robotic lifestyle, where every single time I turned the engine off I wanted the lights to turn on inside my house. BUT, what if one day I come in later than my norm and wake up the family? Some things are better left un-programmed…