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Sequans Communications announced that Autonet Mobile, the industry’s first internet-based vehicle telematics service, has selected Sequans’ LTE Cat 1 Calliope platform to provide the Long-Term Evolution connectivity for its flagshipDealer Connect product. Dealer Connect is the only product that seamlessly provides dealers and consumers with continuous connectivity to their vehicles, creating targeted CRM opportunities, vehicle diagnostics, and valuable real time asset management.t

“Our Dealer Connect product, now with Long-Term Evolution, gives our customers and car owners the power of anytime, anywhere connectivity on a modern, long-lived 4G LTE connection,” said Mike Hultberg, COO and EVP of Autonet Mobile. “Sequans is a leader in highly-optimized Long-Term Evolution for IoT solutions, and their LTE Cat 1 technology allowed us to easily and affordably LTE-enable our Dealer Connect product to the benefit of our auto dealership customers.”

Dealer Connect is a connected car solution exclusively for auto dealerships and their customers and provides real-time monitoring of overall vehicle health, notifying both the dealership and the car owner when something needs attention and simultaneously creating the opportunity to schedule a service appointment. Dealers and car owners communicate via the Dealer Connect smartphone app, which gives dealers the ability to track vehicles on their lots, notify customers of service needs and deal offers, and gives car owners the ability to monitor vehicle health and automatically schedule appointments.

“We are proud to contribute our technology to Autonet for this powerful and exciting connected car application,” said Craig Miller, VP of worldwide marketing, Sequans. “LTE Cat 1 is a perfect fit for Dealer Connect, enabling Autonet to extend Dealer Connect’s availability to any dealer, anywhere.”

Autonet is using Sequans’ Calliope Long-Term Evolution Platform, an IoT-optimized chipset solution designed specifically for LTE Cat 1 applications needing up to 10 Mbps of throughput, the ideal speed for Autonet’s Dealer Connect application. Calliope comprises baseband and RF, an integrated IoT applications processor running Sequans’ carrier-proven LTE protocol stack, an IMS client, and a comprehensive software package for over-the-air device management and packet routing.

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