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On the heels of its recent snom announcement, Axiros, the technology leader in device management, TR-069, and IoT solutions for service providers, enterprises, and OEMs, today announced that its Cloud, software, and managed service product portfolio for the Internet of Things (IoT) and device management is poised to handle the substantial market growth predicted by industry analysts for vertical and horizontal markets. What makes Axiros unique in this market is its “open” architecture – open to integrate the key Service Provider IT systems and to connect to managed devices over a wide range of protocols and networking technologies.

In its 2014 report, industry research firm IDC said it had looked at the components, processes, and IT support for IoT and expects the technology and services revenue to expand from $4.8 trillion in 2012 to $7.3 trillion by 2017.

Gartner further details this concept by predicting that:

  • Ubiquitous computing and IoT are the #1 and #2 top technology trends for 2015
  • By 2018 at least 10 different wireless technologies will be used in IoT applications
  • 10x expected growth in the processing power of units in the IoT market by 2018

[Gartner IT Symposium, 2014]

This presents an immediate and substantial opportunity for Axiros, who is well poised as a leader in IoT solutions to continue to serve this growing market, particularly in the verticals. The development of the IoT market will not be consistent across all vertical markets. Industries that already “understand” IoT will see the most immediate growth, such as industrial production/automotive, transportation, and energy/utilities. However, all verticals will reflect great opportunity.

All of the above calls for products with open architecture and ability to adapt to the current pace of technology evolution.

Enabling Verticals

Axiros’ traditional customers – the telcos and service providers – are opting for legacy and new service offerings including managed services and Cloud-based offerings to keep them competitive in the market for consumer and enterprise services. OEMs choose Axiros for its innovative technology and implementation. Deployments are worldwide, on fixed and wireless networks. For example:

  • ecotel is managing the VPN for a large insurance company based on Axiros
  • AT&T is managing Hot WorkDesk/phones for Shell via Axiros worldwide
  • ADTRAN uses Axiros for IoT and FTTH service provisioning and assurance
  • A major European digital media provider is using Axiros for IPTV monitoring
  • RosTelecom and ZyXEL use Axiros for Carrier Wi-Fi Management
  • FemtoCell enabled by Axiros and deployed by ZyXEL
  • Yamaha uses Axiros to manage and provision its next-gen VPN Gateway
  • Wi-NEXT uses Axiros to manage its EdgeNode and EndNode in a distributed architecture down to the edge for IoT and Fog Computing application

SmartHome, SmartGrid, and Beyond

In addition, Axiros has long been active in the SmartGrid, Smart Cities and utilities space, with its Axperience product line. Customers, like LyseSmart, use Axiros to bring their utility offers into the 21st century with smart, connect service offerings. Axiros even is participating in a significant MicroGrid research study with German Fraunhofer Institute to learn more about how information and control can benefit other MicroGrids worldwide.

SmartHomes and Smart Businesses need the ability to communicate as more objects are becoming embedded with sensors. Axiros enables devices and networks to make use of the resulting information – to create new business models, to improve business process, and to reduce costs and risks. Dynamic OTT and telcos seeking industry-specific solutions look to Axiros for monitoring and management of entire systems, including:

  • Utilities/Metering
  • Heating, Ventilations and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Lighting
  • Audio / Video
  • Security

Manufacturer-Specific Solutions

Axiros has successfully brought to market some manufacturer-specific products to meet customer demand:

  • axess.snom for VoIP telephony
  • axess.avm for broadband connections and intelligent home networking
  • axess.patton for VoIP, Ethernet extension, and high-availability router technologies

For customers looking to deploy solutions by any of these manufacturers, the benefits of using Axiros technology include faster deployment, guaranteed interoperability, and ease of integration.

Axiros will be joining its partner Patton and its distributor 888VoIP in booth #500 at the IT Expo, January 28-30, 2015 in Miami. If you are interested in meeting Axiros while at the show, please contact us to schedule a convenient time.

For more information about Axiros and its line of products including axess.snom, axess.avm, axess.patton, and Axperience, please visit the Axiros website.

About Axiros

The Axiros Advantage: Any protocol, any thing, any service – at any time. A recognized leader in TR-069 and device management, Axiros is extending its reach to the Internet of Things as it provides software solutions and platforms to service providers and equipment manufacturers worldwide to manage and IoT-ize devices. By offering open, scalable, flexible, and modular device and service management solutions for fixed and mobile networks, Axiros has seen adoption by nearly 200 of the world’s telecom service providers and operators and an increasing number of OEMs. Axiros manages the bridge between information technology and operations technology, allowing for complete IT/OT integration. Distinguished by domain expertise and innovation, coupled with best-in-class software design, Axiros uniquely delivers the robust management capabilities and solutions its customers need today and in the future as the demand and complexity associated with new services grows.

Founded in 2002, Axiros is able to give direct service worldwide with sales and service offices located in Aarau,Boston, Lisbon, Milan, Sao Paolo, Singapore and development centers in Germany and Russia – so as needs change, Axiros will be close by to deliver. @axiros1