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Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, enters the smart sound system market with the release of AXIS C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker and AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker.

Axis’ all-in-one speaker system offers amplifier, mixer, digital signal processor, streaming functionality, microphone, power supply and loudspeaker. With Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, only a single network cable is needed to provide both power and data to each unit. The units can be combined into a flexible and scalable sound system and it is easy to add or remove speakers quickly. Managing the loudspeakers is versatile, and it is possible to address and control each unit individually or make a unified command for several units. By creating zones to address a number of loudspeakers it is possible to direct different background music, live or prerecorded announcements or control and change the volume for each unit individually.

“Axis has been an industry leader in the transition from analog to IP in the video surveillance market making systems smart, scalable, and secure. We’re excited to now be bringing the same approach to audio,” said Fredrik Nilsson, VP, Americas, Axis Communications, Inc. “This release is particularly exciting for us because audio is an area where we’ve been looking to expand and with the release of AXIS C1004-E and AXIS C2005 we’re now able to offer a complete audio system focusing on vertical markets such as retail.”

AXIS C1004-E and AXIS C2005 are high sensitivity full range loudspeakers that offer quality background music playback and have the ability to make clear announcements that can be scheduled to meet your needs. Background music can be played via the preinstalled AXIS Audio Player application. You can create and schedule your own MP3 playlists either from the speaker’s offline playlist (SD card) or from audio streaming services. Announcements can be scheduled from pre-recorded audio files or triggered by an event captured by a surveillance camera. The speakers also come with built in SIP-support which makes it easy to integrate them with Voice over IP telephone systems, for example, live voice announcements.

Designed for professional use, the smart sound system is a clever device and with the built-in microphone, it is possible for the speakers to verify its functionality. This gives operators the peace of mind that background music or announcements are actually heard and that the system delivers quality music. AXIS C1004-E is water resistant and comes in black and white. The open Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) and VAPIX protocol makes the products future-proof and ready for additional music streaming solutions.

AXIS C1004-E and AXIS C2005 are planned to be available in Q3 2016 through Axis’ standard distribution channels for the suggested retail price of $549 for the AXIS C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker and $399 for the AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker.

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