connected lighting

Ayla Networks, a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform for manufacturers, provides the IoT cloud connectivity for Magtech Industries’ Lynxus connected lighting solutions. The Magtech gateway and end-node connected LED lighting devices, aimed at small to medium-sized commercial lighting environments, are based on the ZigBee network protocol, which is common in low-power wireless local-area networks (WLANs) used for commercial IoT installations.

“The Ayla IoT platform gave Magtech everything we needed to design and build the wireless solution of our Lynxus products easily without having to compromise our high standards for quality and performance,” said Michael Kuo, president of Magtech Industries. “Plus, thanks to Ayla’s global IoT cloud coverage, customers worldwide can enjoy reliable connectivity with our lighting solutions.”

“Magtech is a leader in innovative LED lighting solutions, specializing in LED power supplies, drivers and adaptors for commercial installations,” said Rod McLane, senior director of marketing for Ayla Networks. “Support for the ZigBee protocol demonstrates that the Ayla IoT platform is as useful for commercial and industrial IoT solutions as for the more numerous consumer IoT solutions.”

The Ayla IoT platform provides IoT cloud connectivity for the following ZigBee-based Magtech connected lighting products:

  • ZGW-A001: Providing the core of a ZigBee network system in a miniature form factor, this wall-mounted ZigBee gateway supports small to medium-sized spaces with easy installation and integration.
  • ZBA-DC01: This newest member of the Lynxus family is a lightweight, ultra-compact yet powerful end-node device providing two independent sets of signals for control of LED dimming and/or color mixing.
  • ZBA-B01: Larger than the ZBA-DC01 but offering similar features, this end-node device operates on alternating current.
  • ZBS-E001: This wall-mounted switch is the first to offer wireless scene control along with LED dimming, and it fits into existing switch wiring boxes to make installation easy.
  • ZBA-PM1: This innovative and multifunctional wireless fixture adaptor also can monitor energy consumption.
  • ZBA-E001: Similar to the ZBA-PM1, this wireless fixture adaptor is designed to work flawlessly within any ZigBee H.A. 1.2 communications system, and it provides an isolated 24VD for low-voltage sensors.
  • QZ LED drivers: The Quantum family of LED drivers includes both ZigBee built-in and ZigBee-ready capabilities to control any Lynxus LED lighting applications.

Magtech Industries is highlighting its ZigBee-based Lynxus connected lighting solutions at CE 2017. More information is available at Ayla’s CES Booth #41160 in the Smart Home Marketplace at the Sands Hotel, Halls A – D.

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